September 1, 2010

Sob sob another great work by Mihara Mitsukazu T^T…… I have to say that I like the last story the most…… hihih I have a thing for bishounens with long hair and it’s plus that he was a vampire XD ….. but that story really made me cry T^T …… how I’m I ever going to be able to look at the blue sky without thinking on the story and maybe cry T^T………….

i also love the story electric angel T^T

Alternative Name None

Years of Released 2001

Status Completed

Author(s) Mihara Mitsukazu

Artist(s) Mihara Mitsukazu


Drama,  Josei,  Psychological , Sci-fi,  Slice of Life,  Supernatural  ,Tragedy


Taken from Anime News Network:

Beautiful People is a manga comprised of six profound and thought-provoking short stories. It includes a tale of a vampire who raises a child as her own, a story of a young man who copes with an alcoholic father amongst other problems with the help of an online friend and four others short stories.

click to read

Beautiful People Vol.01 Ch.000


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