September 2, 2010

T^T okey I don’t know what with me and sad mangas….. but but….. this one has really heartbreaking parts in it T^T…. poor Silver T^T. I have to say that I hope she gets her revenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles is a big Big BIG …………… ( cant find any good word to describe how low he is^^’)  Jacke is really cute and I hope that he’s not still blind in the end and that he and silver ends up together ……….

sigh ……….. sigh …….. TT^TT

Alternative Name シルバー

Years of Released 2000

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Fujita Kazuko

Artist(s) Fujita Kazuko

Genre(s) Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice Of Life, Smut

Reading Direction Read from right to left.


From JShoujo Scans:

Geraldine Francis is the innocent daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. Being sheltered all her life, she is oblivious to her cousin Charles’ true intentions when he lures her in and makes her fall hopelessly in love with him. It is only after the murder of her father that she realizes his love was nothing but love for the money and the land that came with her name. She vows revenge, and she throws away her past in order to become “Silver,” the perfect woman. With a new face, and a new lease on life, she will turn the tables on the man whom she once loved so that this time, it is he who will be left with nothing.

Adaptation of English fiction Silver by Penny Jordan.

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Silver (FUJITA Kazuko) Vol.01 Ch.001



  1. I love Silver 😀
    I’m so behind on it though xD
    Really like Silver x Jake
    They are so cute!!!

    • yes they are så cute and they have to be together

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