My high school

September 3, 2010

I just have to say that the first year in high school ROCKS !!!!!! i love the teacher in science.!!!!!!!! Hihihi he is so funny ! today 2 magpies flew in to the school building and on our lesson he made us try to catch them. hahaha we did not succeed, they are still in the building.  But but but listen listen our class pet is six lovely japanese quails I just LOVE THEM and I got to hold one of them. they are sooo soft soooo sooo I almost put the chicken in my pocket ^^’

cute ???? that do u think



  1. oow your now in high school hehe gambatte
    wow love your classes japanese quails ❤

    • domo arigator XD!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so kawaiiiii -^_^-

  2. How adorable 😀
    We never had anything like that when I had HS science!

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