September 15, 2010

Kyaaaa i just just just kyaaa so kawaiiiiXD hihihi but it’s to short T^T i want more more more !!!!. the story is so sad T^T and the end T^T sob i could almost not see through the tears T^T this is another great manga from Ichinose Kaoru.

Alternative Name イパーシャ

Years of Released 2008

Status Completed

Author(s) Ichinose Kaoru

Artist(s) Ichinose Kaoru

Related Scanlators Aerandria

Scans Genre(s) Drama, Fantasy, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo


From Aerandria Scans:

A playboy prince of a small country needs to win over a frivolous princess of a successful kingdom for the sake of his country. What he didn’t expect was his feelings for the princess’ timid maid. What will happen when the princess finds out about them? Will the prince forsake his country all for his forbidden love?

click to read

Ipaasha Vol.01 Ch.001


One comment

  1. looks nice i’ll be reading it ^^

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