September 21, 2010

Kyaaaaaaa give me more more !!! onegai hayaku with the update m(_ _)m I love this manga it like boys over flowers and and ……. Another one I don’t remember the name on ^^’  but but I LOVE it I haven’t seen a bishounen  transformation since the oneshot  BISHOUNEN SHICHIHENGE by Saijou AyanoXD hihihihi i was like wooo no wow!! What !?!?!?!?!? hihihihi aaaa and she is so funny XD i would love to live my school life like her XD hihihi but I really don’t know who I like the most of the two big bishoune. The bishounen with black hair is ……. sweet… strange………calm…..dark^^’?Hihihi the bishounen with blond hair is … funny…cute XD…..kawaiii……sweet….strange XD…….yeee……. hihi I have to say that I love the art and I would love to see this as a anime XD but butbut that can wait I want more chapters just now  I really want to know how she is going to get the money XD

Alternative Name M.A.X.

Years of Released 2009

Status Ongoing, Money Ace X 7 is coming next…

Author(s) Huh Gook Hwa

Artist(s) Bak Kyung Lan

Genre(s) Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Reading Direction Read from left to right.


From Eclipse Scans:
Namu goes to a school where all the elites get idolized by the ‘non-elites’. From models to computer geniuses, these students make tons of money on their own! Because the school gates are always crowded by screaming fans of these elites, it is difficult for Namu to get to class on time. One day, however, a new transfer student helps Namu out in her morning predicament. Guess who gets categorized as an elite almost immediately?

click to read

Money Ace X Vol.01 Ch.001


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