aaaaaaa my weekend T^T

November 27, 2010

Aaaaaaa my okasan and otousan is forcing me too take extra math class on this weekend T.T waaaa I don’t have time for it. Soon there will be a chemistry test and English test and I have a lot of homework.  Waaaa my manga and anime time is shrinking. Waaaaaa noooooooooo!!!!!!! Btw look what I found today

Aaaaaaa I time ago I was planing to cosplay as orochimaru. But but he is too scary ^^’… ok now i need to sleep hell is waiting for me tomorrow ^^’… aaaaa i’m so angry at them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they think i have all the time in the world !!!! but i don’t!!!


One comment

  1. okey the extra math was not so bad ^^’ it was really fun XDDD

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