NARUTO EP 101 I Want To See! I Want To Know!

December 7, 2010

Aaaaaaa i miss the old sasuke TT^TT he used to be so kawaii/kakkoi/sugoiiiii! T^T. Haaaaaaaaaaaa T^T. But but hahaha this is my favo ep so far in naruto hahahahaha I JUST LOVE this ep ^^. And love all the expressions that naruto, sasuke and sakura is showing XD aaaaaa I want to se whats under the mask XDD.  Aaaaaaa ^^.

haha tea time XD

hahaha love the “AHO” bird XDD


kikikikikiki XDD kawaiii sasuke-kun XDD

miru na


depressed time

depressed time

food grudge


BIG food grudgeXD


haaa sakura-chan i understands ^^. who would not want to see 😉


dakuuuuuuUuuuuu ^^'


kawaiii sasuke-kun Modotte yoooooo!!!!! Y^Y


hahaha ^^kawaii ganbare yo!!!!


kakkoiii sakura-chan !!!


CANDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... or eye-candy da ne???


this is it .....








hahaha aaaa just joking ^^.  haha aaaaa……if u don’t know whats under the mask ( if u have not watch the anime) then hayaku and watch the animeeeeee XDDDDD.

click to watch

I Want To See! I Want To Know! I Want To Check! Kakashi Sensei’s Real Face!


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