HANA TO AKUMA the end SPOILER !!!!!!!

December 10, 2010

( what is Hana to Akuma?click to read about it)

NO NO NO NO IE IE IE IEEEE Hana-chan !!!! T^T waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!….

Okay now that i gout that out i can say that i LOOOOVe..HATe the end !!! it was so happy and saaaaaaad T^T why why why why why TT^TT waaaaa she died !!!! T^T but she got married to Vivi  and the got children -^^- yeeeeeeeeeeeey but because she is a human she could not live as long as Vivi TT^TT waaaaaaaa sob sob sob but but this is what makes this manga even more sweet and heartwarming. I have to say that there is not a lot of manga with a demon and a human with a relationship that in it that is ending like this. somehow do I get a feeling of TRUE love more from this kind of ending than if it would have ended with them together forever TT^TT. And it so cute the children is a ultimate proof of true love and they looks like Vivi and Hana T^T. waaaaaa the page there Vivi is holding in a rose is so so so ……. TT^TT sad and sweet TT^TT. Aaaaa but I have to say that I just LOVE Vivi’s father XDDD hahaha the king is to kakkoi/cool ^^. Aaaaaaaa i’m happy but sad….. I love but hate the end…… T^T waaaaa I think I’m going to read this manga again ^^.

hahaha just cuz he is so kakkoi XDD




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