Gackt and Snowdrifts xD and Gackt’s house (Banira-Kibun!) 1/2 (Eng Sub)

January 4, 2011

Hai hai hai I know it’s not about manga or anime but who can resist his laugh *faints* I mean listen !!!!! listen !!!!!!!!! you can’t stay sad then u hear his voice XD soooo kawaiiiiii !!!! waaaaa this makes me want to throw myself into a snow pile or something.  I’m so thankful to cnburning who shared this vid with us  ARIIIGATOOOOOOOO !!!! m(_ _)m cnburning



ARIGATOOOO kaito925 for this vid XD waaa love his house hahaha but i would never be able to sleep in a room with a waterfall in it ^^’ hahaha. waaaa it’s soo big and haha his wardrobe is wooooow 0o0 OMG !





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  1. cool

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