Saver Vol.17 Ch.053: Kidnapped Ley

January 9, 2011

Naaaa Lucien us so kawaii ^^and he really love Ley…… but is it good to love her so much? And why was they so slow in realizing that Ley was Kidnapped  ( hmmm more like woman-napped)!!!!!!!  Waaa I really want to see her with the katana again !!! i want to see how she fights with it. She just has to face the queen with the katana in her hand. So I hope that Lucien gives it back to her. I wonder if Lucien are going to send her back in the end or not…… hmmmm I kind of hope for it but I still want her to stay …… but I get the feeling of that this manhwa/manga is not going to end so …… happy…  okay I think it will be a good end but I get the feeling that someone more that’s close to her is going to die ……….. but I don’t know who……. All of them is prepared to sacrifice their life for her….

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Saver Vol.17 Ch.053: Kidnapped Ley

then lucien’s granfather said that he has to send her back he answered…

he kind of sounds like the queen now …. ( but the queen want to torture her^^’)


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