Haou Airen

January 10, 2011

Nyan nyan nyaaaan i really think the end is sad and who could not think i !!!!! BUT I LOVE IT ! ( BUT TAKE NOTE TO THE WARNING CUZ IT MADE ME FEEL  REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE TO SEE SOME PIC)

For the first is the manga really good but like the most of them I don’t really think this sorts of things can happen in real life ( ok for love ). The first thing I thought then she fell in love with him was KYAAAAA kawaiii then…. Oh poor her, is this the Stockholm syndrome?  But then I remembered that it’s a manga.

The good thing about this story is that its really sweet and has a lot of bishounens in it ^^( nyaaaan love them) and it’s not always the sweeet sweeet “kyaa love u”all the time….. but there is the usually love mistakes and other things like introducing you true love too the girls u played with (boys).  Boy being mean to the girl they love cuz they don’t want to lose her. Girls prepared to take every beating they get just cuz they love the man till them starts too cry, someone another man comes into the pictures a love triangle is formed sometimes more like a love square and more.

But I kind of gets mad at the girl so naive and dum and she looks like almost all of the other girls in Shinjo Mayu mangas, small but with a feminine body ( I think u know what I mean) and hey I like it that’s not always the tall girls that’s gets the bishounen but the girld do not have to look like a child !!! this is not a lolicon manga ( I think)

But but but just so u know it I love the story and the characters another great bishounen manga by Shinjo Mayu.  This is really a good manga ^^but just so u know it’s not for children under 18……. Or hahaha do what u want but there will be quite a lot of  smut in it ^^( adult things I think u know what I mean) arigato bikachama for making me remember this manga ^^.

Alternative Name 覇王・愛人, 覇王♥愛人,Despotic Lover,Supreme King’s Mistress, Con Người Lang Bạt , Haou Airen

Years of Released 2002

Status Completed

Author(s) Shinjo Mayu

Artist(s) Shinjo Mayu

Related Scanlators A Willful Muse

Genre(s) Action, Adult, Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, Shoujo, Smut, Tragedy


One day while walking home from her job, Kurumi Akino finds a wounded young man, and saves his life. He mysteriously dissapears after that, and leaves only the name Hakuron�. Next thing she knows she’s been kidnapped from her school, and is on a private jet with that man, heading to China. It turns out she saved the life of the most infamous mobster in Hong Kong, and he wants her to stay with him.

You can find A Tale of Happier Times (v06 extra) in the anthology Motto Oshiete.

WARNING: This series contains strong “consensual rape” situations, strong language, scenes of graphic sex, rape, violence, murder, suicide, glorifies the mafia and black market. It is recommended that you be the legal age of consent in your country to view this story

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Haou Airen 1

spoiler starts :

And I just love the end it makes the story in the manga even more beautiful!!!!!!!  I WAS CRYING THEN I READ THE END SO SAD IS IT!!! and not just a bit it was more like I almost drowned in my tears T^T. sob sob sob Hakuron sob and I liked Kaafai T^T but now i kind of really want so hit him with my katana !!!!!!!! how could he shot him after he saw how happy she was ??? do he really love her !!!?!?!!?!!? sob sob it was truly really sad T^T. just to think about it makes me cry again T^T. but the end was kind of peaceful, then u saw his spirit in the end u just have to say “awwwwww” cuz it’s so cute ^^. Nyan she is moving on being strong cuz she has friends!!!!!! the wedding was really really beautiful T^T poor her T^T but the last moment together was so warm so sweet and and T^T…. what do u think SAD !!!



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