January 20, 2011

Oh snap !!! i don’t know if it’s cuz this is my first manga in a long time or that i had to run a lot today that made this manga so good and left me without any air left in my lungs. Even thought the story is really dark it gave me a feeling of being alive and kind of gave me an adrenaline rush I’m weak in the arms and legs and it feel like I was the one running. This is one of the really scary manga cuz then you read it, it reminds you that ppl are dying for real in this world perhaps now or now or now.

The story is really intense.

Alternative Name Linya , ライン

Years of Released 2003

Status Completed

Author(s) Kotegawa Yua

Artist(s) Kotegawa Yua

Genre(s) Drama, Josei, Psychological,Tragedy, Seinen, One Shot

Type Japanese Manga


From ADV:

When popular high school student Chiko finds a cell phone, the voice on the other end tells her where she can witness a suicide! The phone doesn’t stop ringing, and soon Chiko and her classmate Bando will have to race against time to save these lost souls.

click to read

Line Vol.01 Ch.001: First Quarter Line


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