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good luck japan T^T keep the faith

March 13, 2011

if u have a iPhone u can search for japan and get the app NHK WOLRD TV live. this will show u news from japan all the time  (live). it’s on eng so no worry u don’t need to be able to understand japanese

Masashi Kishimoto creator to manga like naruto is missing.



Fall down seven times, stand up eight times, Japan Good luck, fight !!

March 12, 2011

If u want more news about japan just now use twitter (!/RT_com)  or read .  and u can always use

Lets all pray and hope for Japan and the other countries !!!!!





I keep praying, Don’t forget it.  we keep the faith eternally

I’m going to take it back with my own two hands

I can see the light of tomorrow

Pride of tomorrow

If you can smile at your pain, and stand up your weakness from up until now will vanish.

Alone, we’ll lose sight of tomorrow,so

Let’s shout it out as loud as we can to keep the faith

I pray, pray to bring near the New Day

Songs: (DBSK,BREAK OUT),( JUNE,Pride of Tomorrow.), (GACKT, EVER) , (KAT-TUN, keep the faith) and (GACKT,Ai Senshi)




i don’t know if it’s true but it seems like Hayao Miyazaki is missing ….


Japan – Earthquake and Tsunami

March 11, 2011

Ppl please pray for Japan with me T^T. pray and hope that not too many ppl dies then the tsunami hits TT^TT. Let’s hope that japan will be able to rise again like the sun !!!!!! if u want to know more read on twitter!/RT_com

Just one thing doesn't change
That dream I painted
How did I appear as I am now
In my young eyes back then
Hey, look up at it, it's such a vast night sky
So that soon, so that you understand
You will shine at your best soon so hurry
Look for the FULL MOON

Let's sing a song!
Together forever Everything I can do for you right now
Day by day
Your destiny until now From tomorrow, clutch your hopes to your chest
Let's sing a song!
Together forever If I'm with you I can overcome any hardship
More and more
More and more and more I want to be closer Please stay right here
many thanks for you!
Wonderous chance meetings
As long as they keep happening
We have ever more precious things
All those days full of chance mischief
Now I can laugh and love them
That's right, I always yearned for the wide stage
Now I'm no longer alone
Everyone is full of smiles
Because this is where I am

Let's sing a song
Tonight, rather than the spotlight, it's me that will shine now
Day by day
Those passionate looks and cheers shine upon my streaming sweat
Let's sing a song
Tonight I want to believe there are never ending burning thoughts
More and more
More and more and more I want to scream this song, this dream will 
never end
Let's sing a song!
Repeat and repeat
Let's sing a song!
Repeat and repeat

This is the song for you