Fall down seven times, stand up eight times, Japan Good luck, fight !!

March 12, 2011


If u want more news about japan just now use twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/RT_com)  or read http://www.japantimes.co.jp/ .  and u can always use http://www.youtube.com/

Lets all pray and hope for Japan and the other countries !!!!!





I keep praying, Don’t forget it.  we keep the faith eternally

I’m going to take it back with my own two hands

I can see the light of tomorrow

Pride of tomorrow

If you can smile at your pain, and stand up your weakness from up until now will vanish.

Alone, we’ll lose sight of tomorrow,so

Let’s shout it out as loud as we can to keep the faith

I pray, pray to bring near the New Day

Songs: (DBSK,BREAK OUT),( JUNE,Pride of Tomorrow.), (GACKT, EVER) , (KAT-TUN, keep the faith) and (GACKT,Ai Senshi)


Just so u know GACKT HAS A TWITTER NOW http://twitter.com/#!/GACKT


i don’t know if it’s true but it seems like Hayao Miyazaki is missing ….



  1. It’s so heartbreaking to see all those pictures.. seriously .. you know what’s the worst ?? I see all those Japanese people suffering .. and I feel useless. I can’t do anything at all .. way too far away .. I wanna help . It’s really sad .. seriously, yesterday I was up until 2 am because I just couldn’t sleep .. and I cried .. I really cried .. T___T so heartbreaking .. !!
    soo Let’s pray for them and also for the people who died in this horrible catastrophe ..

    Japan Fighting !!!

  2. same here T^T to far away TT^TT. i have slept 8 h together cuz i have trying to find more info and watched japanese news

  3. Thanks, it’s usefully

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