April 19, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaawww Kuruto is so KAAAWAAAIII xD i just want to hug him ^^…… and i want to know more about him…. What happen with his mother ??? and how did he get that cool book?? Hmmmmmmm…. I have to read more XD AH AH AH AAAAAaaaaah  the demon Shuma is just TOOOOOOOOOOO COOL AND HANDSOME XD (yeah i think u know by now that i LIKE long hair xD) hahahaa the demon is a true bishounen <3.

I love the art but yet i can’t really say anything about the story ….. hmmmmm i will just have to wait and see…. ^^. yeah

Alternative Name     デーモン72

Years of Released     2010

Status     Ongoing, Demon 72 2 is coming next…

Author(s)     Mitsunaga Yasunori

Artist(s)     Ueda Satoshi

Genre(s)     Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen, Supernatural

Type     Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)


His name is Kuruto Kagemitsu — a cute boy with a vengeance. The demon’s name is Shuma. He was summoned, much to his surprise and likely chagrin, by that cute boy, and forced to be his servant. Their goal, one intrinsic and the other quite extrinsic, is to eliminate 71 of 72 of King Solomon’s demons — Shuma being the sole exception for obvious reasons — who are supposedly controlled by one summoner. Kuruto will show his mother he can do it.

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Demon 72 1: The Goal is the 71 Demons


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