April 19, 2011

Aaaaaaaawww the beginning is so sad T^T her son TT^TT NOOOooooo TT^TT so cute co sad  T^T I want to hit her husband how could heeeeee >.< let me hit him hard !!!!!!! I love Jessica’s eyes ^^. They are so pretty ^^. And her son’s eyes T^T toooooooo….

* takes out a bat  *  this really made my CRYYYyyyyyyyyyyy T^T.  sob sob sob sob TT^TT but love the end XD, haaaaa……. I’m back in manga world XD

Alternative Name     一夜だけのプリンセス, Ichiya dake no Purinsesu, Princess of Convenience

Years of Released     2008

Status     Completed

Author(s)     Marion Lennox

Artist(s)     Hashimoto Takako

Genre(s)     Drama, Josei, Romance,Tragedy,One Shot

Type     Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)


From Shojo Manhwa Scans

In order to buy the highest quality yarn, fashion designer Jessica travels to the Principality of Alp’Azuri in Europe. While admiring the picture-perfect beautiful landscapes on a drive through the country, an out-of-control car smashes into Jessica’s car at full speed and knocks her out! When she regains consciousness, she finds herself at the royal palace. Alp’Azuri’s Prince Raoul’s fiancee died in that crash. Jessica blames herself for her death, but Raoul firmly asserts that it is not her fault…

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Ichiya dake no Princess 1

T^T soooo sad

T^T soooo sad



  1. 8D I remember this manga! OMG, the husband was such a fartknocker! I wanted to slap him for just abandoning the two like that! >:U

    I like the prince. He was cute x3
    (I love those llama things though – that one scene where the llamas and her are giving him puppy eyes is just so adorable x3)

    • me tooo >.< !!!
      hahaha aaa that part, it's super cure xD

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