Yawareta Princess

April 19, 2011

OMG I’M SO SORRY m(_ _)m I HAVE BEEN TO ….UNACTIVE ON THIS BLOG… i want  to read more manga  …. But the school takes too much time T^T. BUT i’m so grateful for all the readers  and THANKS FOR STILL VISITING THIS BLOG !!!

This is a really sweet fairytale story XD  aaaaaaawww I just want to poke them XD they are so cute ^^.  The prince is so cuuuute >//< hihihi but first cold hahaha I got really angry at bell  >.< she is so …… sooo… AAARGGHHH yeah u you will see then you read the manga

Alternative Name     雇われたプリンセス, A Royal Proposition

Years of Released     2006

Status     Ongoing, Yawareta Princess 2 is coming next…

Author(s)     Marion Lennox

Artist(s)     Sanazaki Harumo

Genre(s)     Josei, Romance

Type     Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)


Penny-Rose, a stone mason in the Principality of Castaliae is summoned by the Queen. She asks Penny-Rose to marry the prince… but only for one year. To succeed the throne, the prince needs to marry a woman of “unimpeachable virtue.” Startled by such a sudden request, Penny-Rose hesitantly accepts. Despite knowing he is to marry another after her, she is slowly drawn to the prince, and eventually falls in love…

click to reda

Yawareta Princess 1: A Royal Proposition


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  1. wii^^

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