June 21, 2011

Aaaaah i really want to read more >.< hahahaa this is how i want a manhwa XD the female is strong random and cool XD I really like the story XD hihihi it would be so cool if there was ppl that really is magical creatures XD. This is really one of them I’m soooooooo going to watch and looks from updates XD. Hihihi but I pretty sure that the fox and the prince will end up together in the end and they both will stay human

Alternative Name     천년여우 인간되기 대작전, The One-Thousand-Years Fox’s Big Transform-to-Human Operation, Thousand-Years-Old Fox’s Grand Scheme to Become Human

Years of Released     2010

Status     Ongoing, The Thousand-Year Fox’s Operation-Human 4 is coming next…

Author(s)     Han Yu-rang

Artist(s)     Han Yu-rang

Genre(s)     Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Type     Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)


The prince of heaven does nothing but fool around with spirit-fairies–which his father finds out. Angered by the prince’s lack of shame, the King sets a punishment.

Somewhere else, far away, a little fox spirit wants to become human and prays to God every single day.

What was the King’s punishment for his son?
What is the only way the little fox spirit can become human?


The Thousand-Year Fox’s Operation-Human 1


Yes, I am one who seizes their dreams, I stain my sword red for my ambitions
Because the world is a world of warring states 1, I will take the earth no matter what I have to sacrifice

I reflect on nothing, I write no letters even to my mother in my hometown
When I came to know my own immaturity, my body was stained with blood

The cruel scars of battle
We are the ones who were defeated
There is not even salvation for the vanquished
The unfeeling rain pours down

Dreams scatter as dew on gravestones

Since I head into the distance, the sound comes to me
A gentle, sad melody

Like a young girl is singing somewhere
A thin voice resounds

My tears suddenly welled up and fell
I remembered my hometown
Her song taught me
that peace is most important

If I can be reborn
Like the girl who sang with that voice
I want to become someone
who can save people with a song

If I were able to lighten someone’s load
so that how I am now could be more like that, Ah!


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