August 13, 2011

SORRY that i have not been posting anything lately …. But i have a good reason … i have been sick … sick with BIEBEeeeeeeR FEVEEEEEE……. Oh wait … do NIGAHIGA have copyright on that …. 0.o????…..

Now back to reality …. I have no good reason TT^TT…. All I can say is that my time is flying away from me TT^TT….. and that ….. TT^TT I don’t know why but but… it seems like I cant find any manga I REALLY LIKE AND WANT TO WRITE ABOUT TT^TT…… but most it’s cuz I’m TO LAZY X’D sorry ^^’’’’ but but……. Haaaaa…. No that’s a bad excuse ^^’’’…. I will try to do better from now on ok ^^’’ so gomene !!!!!



  1. omoo ~ long time since i heard smth from you . ^^ I know what u mean.. also cant find any manga so i gotta write about music =P

  2. welcome back ^^

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