2 year old Chinese baby girl ran over – ignored by 18 people – left to die in street.

October 19, 2011

This time i will not talk about manga or anime or anything fun … today i saw a really sad and disturbing video on youtube. I will not post the video here so you have to look for it yourself ( you who want to watch) WARNING THIS VIDEO IS BRUTAL EVEN IF YOU DON’T SEE EVERYTHING IT’S A REALLY DISTURBING VIDEO

As you can see on this post’s title a 2 YEAR OLD BABY was ran over by MORE THEN one car .  and not only did the drivers not stop all the other ppl just passed by and did not even look at the child. Some tried to … move? The poor baby but they did not intend to act like a normal human and take the child to the hospital. But at last after like 18 devils had walked by her and 2 LOWLIFES THAT NEED TO GET PUNISHED had ignored her one woman tried to help. 



It hurts so much to watch this video ….. too see how cruel ppl can be. How come that we have become that kind of monsters ?. I know that we cant be all goody goddy and love and justice warriors but still THAT WAS A KID !!! BLEEDING !!!

I know that the ppl have their own reason but cuz I don’t live in china … I won’t accept the reasons they have.

In the end this is a post for all the poor children that have been in this kind of “ accidents “ . so all humans (yeah I mean myself too ) take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror and stop feeling sorry for yourself and start to look at things form the bright side. Cuz the world needs that you are smiling and willing to help and think about other humans


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