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November 4, 2011


Ÿeah the pictures are really cute but…. Don’t let the cuteness fool you  this manga is not jut cute but sad too ….. it shows how hard it is to not belong with the humans and how hard it is then the humans sees you as a problem…. I really hade some crying moments even thought the pictures are all cute… T^T poor kitty….. but it’s amusing to read too … hahaha it would be really fun if we could speak with our pets and get to know how they view things XD ……  this is like…. Perhaps a bit darker ver of the manga chi’s sweet home

Alternative Name None

 Years of Released 2008

 Status Ongoing,

Author(s) Guava

Artist(s) Guava

Genre(s) Drama, Slice Of Life, Webtoons

Type Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)  


Gorba Chev, a fiesty Turkish Angora cat, dreams of escaping from his so called “prison”. However, when he finally succeeds, he finds there is a hidden darkness in the outer world…

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Papi Nyang 1: Fantasies with You 



November 4, 2011

Aaaaawwww this is so cute !!! (It somehow reminds me of skip beat and ren and sho and kyoko) I want a big brother tooooooo !!!! …… or if he is going to look that good… perhaps I don’t want a bother like that >,< …… buuuuut he seems like … perhaps like a perfect brother … caring, kind etc etc. and I lie her friend that is a boy XD hahaha boyfriend XD ….. and I like her girlfriend … she seems like a cool person 0.0 really one of these bishounen that’s like a hime and can do everything elegant.…. I really have a hard time choosing who I want her to end up with … I mean …. Cant she have both XD haaaaa….. only time and new ch can tell XD….. OOOOOOOH I WANT MORE NOW !!! I want to know who then are going to do about his ******** and that she is ** **** with *** and what is the other boy going to do about his **** ****** and how are the other boy going to …….. maaaaaah >,< GIVE ME MORE….hmmmm but I think I have figure out one thing in this story … but now I want to know why he left and …..maaaah read this manga it’s super sweet and cute…. BUT … sometime you really can get annoyed at that girl >,< but you forgive her cuz she is just so cute XD

Alternative Name 純愛ラビリンス, Jun-ai Labyrinth ,Pure Love Labyrinth

 Years of Released 2009

 Status Ongoing, Junai Labyrinth 13 is coming next…

Author(s) Nakaji Yuki

Artist(s) Nakaji Yuki

Genre(s) Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

 Type Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)


Ogiwara Umi is an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl with an extraordinary older brother. Ogiwara Haruto is an up-and-coming star actor, and everywhere he goes girls call his name. This would be difficult for any little sister, but Umi has it particularly bad ~ she not only has a brother complex, but she’s actually in love with her brother! But perhaps the more important question is ~ does Haruto feel the same? — from Mousou Scans

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Junai Labyrinth 1