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April 27, 2012

OMG OMG OMG MY HEART MY EYES MY FEELINGS !!! i went from awwwwww to sob sob sob from every page XD  happy sad happy sad sad happy sad happy happy sad happy X’D I LOVE THIS MANGA !!!! i have to say that i stop reading after the first story cuz cuz i did not want to love the feeling i had after finishing it ….. such pure feeling of happiness and a bit sadness …. that was what ppl call bitter sweet love ?? i think so … or ?? and OMG I LOVE IT DID I SAY IT WELL AGAIN I LOVE THIS MAGA !! so cute and i love the drawings the art the effects the the every thing !!!!…. oooh the art/pictures are peach sweet :3  we get to follow Niina a special girl as she meet her love at age 10 and grow up to 16 ❤ ❤ niina is super cute SUPER CUTE !!! you will soon cheer for her to be able to fulfill her goal ❤ 

Alternative Name はじまりのにいな; 重新出發新菜

 Years of Released 2010

 Status Ongoing?

Author(s) Minamori Koyomi

Artist(s)Minamori Koyomi


    Drama, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Tragedy  

Type Manga


10-year old Niina is special. This is because she has the memories of her past life as a girl named Chitose still intact. Among these memories is a promise with Chitose’s boyfriend which Niina then decides to try and fulfill. But can she really? 


Hajimari no Niina 1


The clock’s hand is noisy
and begins bending towards 0 a.m.
I feel like I can hear the footsteps
of the darkness that lurks in the inner part of the mirror.
Before I know it,
a fragment of loneliness, that was supposed to be extinguished,
closes up before my eyes and sneers at me.
Things to lose, I thought I had none of those.
I was going to get accustomed to loneliness, but
if I’m necessary to you, then
I’ll definitely never leave you alone.
l swear to you.
Forever close to you.
Every day was blank, and in my warped smiling face
there were even tears, that stayed there unshed.
When I was like that, you murmured to me,
“Crying is not something to be ashamed of.”
By turning myself into something so humble,
what did I think I was protecting? I’m a clown lost in a forest of confusion.
When I told you, “There are no things to believe in, anywhere”
I hurt you, didn’t I?
I will keep on protecting you,
who showed me that there are things that will stay unchanged.
Averting my eyes, plugging my ears,
I was running inside a dream.
I wished for a reason to exist in this place.
“I want to be loved”, I didn’t even notice I had such a wish.
I was going to get accustomed to loneliness, but
if I’m necessary to you, then
I will keep on protecting you.
I swear to you.
Forever close to you. 


make way for …. Legend of Korra !!!!!!!

April 22, 2012

step back ppl the new avatar has arrived and she is on fire !

the first thing i react on is … sokka is dead Q_Q and well we all knew about aang ….. but i still don’t know about zuko .. and we where sooo close to hear the story about his mom >,< !!!!! dang u kid ! lol XD  BUT ………. really ….

oooh right i also almost jump up from the chair when i saw katara as old O.O omg ……… and and SHE HAD MORE THAN 1 KID WITH AANG !!

this one have bothers :O when will we see them ??? will we see them ??????? and and HE HAS KIDS AND A WIFE XD  aaaaa poor wife all busy with with the kids…

ooh right i have to say … 

:3 looking good aang thumbs up for u lol XD 



i sure is looking forward to see what more kind of ppl she will meet :3 …. soooo want to see zukos kid oooh right LOOOOOK

this is  Toph’s daughter !!!!!!!!!!!!! …. who did she end up with 0.o

ooh right we also don’t get to see appa but perhaps his wife …. but the one who took over papa’s part is this cute thingy 

polar bear dog ❤ ❤ ❤ ok ok i will always like appa but this one is just TOOO CUTE !!!!! 

and the one who took over momo’s part is the fire ferret :3 also super cute ❤ 

but still i think i like momo more than the fire ferret… 


oooooh right ENTER THE BAD GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for u who have seen him … i do wonder where he got his power and if they are true……. ooh and u who have yet to see him ….. he sure is strong and have powerful skills …. he will be a big prob… i sure want to know more about him … ( >,< we are going to have a kakkashi case there we all got to fantasy what’s under the mask)

oooh :3 almost forgot i SUPER LIKE KORRA !! :3 she is a bit like katara same spirit ( can be annoying buuut still)  she is also a bit like …. u know what she can act like everyone sometimes. XD 

look how cute she was as a kid * poke belly  *  :3

i like her mom and dad … wonder if i get to see more of them ……


unlike Aang was she how to say it … SUPER ON about the avatar thingy and did not hesitate to brag a bit XD and this make it hard for her to master the air cuz she want to rush right into things :3 

i’m sooooo looking forward to see more >,< the wait THE WAIT IS KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

for u who can’t see it on the TV 

CLICK TO SEE and save ur life  

The Legend of Korra Episode 1



April 20, 2012

a manga with short stories and Q_Q they all are so so so …. so beautiful in their own way Q_Q…. i smile and i cry and i i Q_Q overreacts i know but still omg some moments really made me cry like it happen for real and to me or to someone i know

 this one is so cute in the beginning then turn’s super sad Q_Q and and the end god the end !!!!! i don’t know what to do with it !?!?!? i have so many ways to look on it and one of them is pretty sad … i don’t know y but i can’t help to wonder if he took his life or something.

and this one was also super sweet Q_Q  and sad and and ……. and … i don’t know what to say but really must suck to not be allowed to love the one u want openly but hide

i think this one made me cry the most Q_Q talk about sibling love the beautiful way ( not siblings love as fighting over candy)  …… THE END GOD DANG Q_Q  THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

think this one was super sweet but i think i reacted less to this one … did not cry anything and only felt a bit sorry for her …….. seen this so many times in other manga(s) 

this one …. i sure felt sorry for her Q_Q they said so mean things. and when she finally finds a man it turns out she looks like his wife who died some times ago Q_Q but but …. aawww the end 

Alternative Name サクラひらひら

 Years of Released 2004

 Status Complete

Author(s) Yura Riho


Genre(s) Drama, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Tragedy

Type Manga 


only first story 

A One shot. As children, Kaoru and Kentarou witnessed the beautiful miracle of the blooming sakura tree. Their bond is deep, but Kentarou has been traumatized by his unhappy home life. Can Kaoru, and the memories she and Kentarou share, help him endure?


Sakura Hira Hira 0


Shiro’s Contract

April 20, 2012

lol i remember that when i found this one i read cow and not crow XD  but even thought its a crow and not cow this is a great super sweet shoujo story :3 i wish something like that would happen to me and i have to say i like the devil XD. but as much as i like it i also feel i have read this b4r in other manga(s) so this is not a new story but it’s still good and sweet ^^  

Alternative Name 白の契約,


 Years of Released 2008

 Status Complete

Author(s) TSUKUBA Sakura

Artist(s) TSUKUBA Sakura

Genre(s) Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo  , Oneshot

Type Manga

how could we not touch him >:D just look at that handsome boy  


[From Aerandria] Shiro is a white crow. Because of his unusual color, he’s often bullied by the other black crows. One day, he’s hurt badly because the others ganged up on him, and he was saved by a girl. Moved by the girl’s gentle heart, Shiro asked a devil to let him turn into a human. However, there’s one condition: Shiro will have to do at least one bad deed a day, otherwise, his body will crumble. Can Shiro really fulfill this contract?

( how come the pictures are so small or is it just my computer being strange 😦 ….. )


Shiro no Keiyaku 1




April 20, 2012

this is a SUPER SWEET manhwa ❤ ❤ ❤ SOO CUTE and and cuddly and warm . a manhwa about love … strong love !!! and that love is for everyone even if u can’t hear or see…… and yeah there are of course some drama in this >:D  u will soon meet a really REALLY bad woman that show that girls can be pretty scary 😦 ……. but wait we all know that XD nvm nvm well i love the art cuz it’s so cute and somehow … soft ?  it seems a bit fluffy …. cloud like and i really like it it fits the sweet story line.  but as we all know a manhwa with slice of life in it can’t be all good so it has some sad moments that spice the story 

Alternative Name 보지 못하고 듣지 못하고 사랑해,

보지도 못하고 듣지도 못해도 사랑해

 Years of Released 2010

 Status Ongoing,

Author(s) Nasty Cat

Artist(s) Nasty Cat

Genre(s) Comedy , Drama , Romance , Slice of Life , Tragedy   ,Webtoons


A love story about a manhwa artist who loses his eyesight due to his job, and a deaf woman who falls in love with the artist’s manhwa, and then with the artist himself.


Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love 0 


❤ sweet song for sweet manhwa



April 20, 2012

i’m so sorry for being super super SUUUUUPER INACTIVE  Q_Q had so much with school ( and still have >,<)  but i also lost my password silly me >,<

well so this first post for long will be a GREAT THANKS to all of u lovely readers and newcomer how poke ur head into this 3 YEARS OLD BLOG !!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ i’m so sorry that i have been inactive and i wish i will be able to post more but i somehow don’t think the school will let me do it Q_Q  

but yet again  I’M SUPER THANKFUL FOR U GUYS !!! and that there are still ppl visiting this lonely blog 

u ppl a great 

sooo lets kick in and make READ SOME MANGA !