Shiro’s Contract

April 20, 2012

lol i remember that when i found this one i read cow and not crow XD  but even thought its a crow and not cow this is a great super sweet shoujo story :3 i wish something like that would happen to me and i have to say i like the devil XD. but as much as i like it i also feel i have read this b4r in other manga(s) so this is not a new story but it’s still good and sweet ^^  

Alternative Name 白の契約,


 Years of Released 2008

 Status Complete

Author(s) TSUKUBA Sakura

Artist(s) TSUKUBA Sakura

Genre(s) Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo  , Oneshot

Type Manga

how could we not touch him >:D just look at that handsome boy  


[From Aerandria] Shiro is a white crow. Because of his unusual color, he’s often bullied by the other black crows. One day, he’s hurt badly because the others ganged up on him, and he was saved by a girl. Moved by the girl’s gentle heart, Shiro asked a devil to let him turn into a human. However, there’s one condition: Shiro will have to do at least one bad deed a day, otherwise, his body will crumble. Can Shiro really fulfill this contract?

( how come the pictures are so small or is it just my computer being strange 😦 ….. )


Shiro no Keiyaku 1



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