make way for …. Legend of Korra !!!!!!!

April 22, 2012

step back ppl the new avatar has arrived and she is on fire !

the first thing i react on is … sokka is dead Q_Q and well we all knew about aang ….. but i still don’t know about zuko .. and we where sooo close to hear the story about his mom >,< !!!!! dang u kid ! lol XD  BUT ………. really ….

oooh right i also almost jump up from the chair when i saw katara as old O.O omg ……… and and SHE HAD MORE THAN 1 KID WITH AANG !!

this one have bothers :O when will we see them ??? will we see them ??????? and and HE HAS KIDS AND A WIFE XD  aaaaa poor wife all busy with with the kids…

ooh right i have to say … 

:3 looking good aang thumbs up for u lol XD 



i sure is looking forward to see what more kind of ppl she will meet :3 …. soooo want to see zukos kid oooh right LOOOOOK

this is  Toph’s daughter !!!!!!!!!!!!! …. who did she end up with 0.o

ooh right we also don’t get to see appa but perhaps his wife …. but the one who took over papa’s part is this cute thingy 

polar bear dog ❤ ❤ ❤ ok ok i will always like appa but this one is just TOOO CUTE !!!!! 

and the one who took over momo’s part is the fire ferret :3 also super cute ❤ 

but still i think i like momo more than the fire ferret… 


oooooh right ENTER THE BAD GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for u who have seen him … i do wonder where he got his power and if they are true……. ooh and u who have yet to see him ….. he sure is strong and have powerful skills …. he will be a big prob… i sure want to know more about him … ( >,< we are going to have a kakkashi case there we all got to fantasy what’s under the mask)

oooh :3 almost forgot i SUPER LIKE KORRA !! :3 she is a bit like katara same spirit ( can be annoying buuut still)  she is also a bit like …. u know what she can act like everyone sometimes. XD 

look how cute she was as a kid * poke belly  *  :3

i like her mom and dad … wonder if i get to see more of them ……


unlike Aang was she how to say it … SUPER ON about the avatar thingy and did not hesitate to brag a bit XD and this make it hard for her to master the air cuz she want to rush right into things :3 

i’m sooooo looking forward to see more >,< the wait THE WAIT IS KILLING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

for u who can’t see it on the TV 

CLICK TO SEE and save ur life  

The Legend of Korra Episode 1



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