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May 8, 2012

FIRST i want to start with NU’EST have to say so far i just live them ❤ AND WOOW a Baekho  and JR teasers ❤ 

have to say that Ren was the one i liked less but then he made his way into my fangirl hear in the MV XD … had to say he looks really feminine but still handsome xD  wooohoo andro ppl ❤  and woohoo the mv just capture my mind XD  wish i could sing good in korean XD  hahaha i mud sound insane when i sing along while i ride the train omw home from school XD but one thing …. i don’t really get the story 0.o are they bullying the guy ? or is it that it’s about that they got really mad when the friend become arrogant and said that he don’t need the gang and them as friends anymore ?? well well nvm the song is catchy and music is 100% dance friendly xD  even if u perhaps won’t be able to bust same moves as them in the mv XD. even if aim able to pull off some moves 😀  * proud* 

the one with the blonde hair at 0:13 is baekho

The one leading against the lockers at 0:20 is Minhyun

The one with blonde hair and orange shoes at 0:29 is Ren he is the maknae

The rapper at 1:03 is JR the leader

The one singing at 1:39 is Aron he also raps in english at the end

I hope this helped! ^^

– kittylover813

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as i looked at NU’EST i also found this band ❤ ❤ ❤ have to say i live their song insane ❤ 

haaa zoo many boy band this year ❤ _ ❤ what can a girl wish for more XD … perhaps to be surrounded buy them all XD  

like the lyric so sad Q_Q soo need a good manga to that one * looking around after one* perhaps SILVER …….. hmmmmmm snow drop ? aaah nvm that was side track.  have to say i like their dance cuz … i think i can do that 😀 or some of it >,< lul

ooooooh their teaser sure looks cool and intresting OMG THAT JUMP AT THE START !!!!! >,< MEEEEEP I WANNA DO THAT TOO 


next up is the band i have been waiting for for a long time EXO !!!! WOOHOO EXO M (mandarin /chinese)  AND EXO K ( korean )

( look in this vids info box for links to their pages)

have to say that their what is love kind of …. let me down ..  after watching Tao and the song metal … ( tao ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and Kai lightsaber, Kai and Lu Han’s  time control  i kind of wanted a song with BOOM at the first time … what is love was a bit too calm for met but still a great song   

BUT THEN HISTORY CAME ! and i got more interested in them 

and don’t forget 

the into sure is nice the first time but after 10 times … >,< meeeeeep but but this song sure give me a feeling of POWAR !!!!!!! love the start when the chant or what to call it ❤ ❤ 

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well thats was all for me now … i sure have miss many cool bands new and old but now school is calling for me and hell awaits me in for of exams. but i will try to survive xD