August 16, 2012

Q_Q this manga is so cute !! and sad from time to time and so bishounen *O*….. y do i always fall for the evul one X’D hahahaha  have to say that the drawing style is really cute and give a soft feeling. haha and like how this is a story that show how fast and easy we judge ppl and how fast and easy bad rumors become a “fact”  Q_Q feel so sorry for her in the beginning and just want to hit the apple lady !!! 

Alternative Name 百年恋慕, Hundred Year Love, isang daang taon ng pagmamahal

 Years of Released 2009

 Status Complete 

Author(s)Mashiba Nao

Artist(s) Mashiba Nao

Genre(s)Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo 


From Mousou Scans:

Eva, a long-lived witch, takes in Fernest kingdom’s youngest prince, Louis, when she is asked to heal him of his illness. Although witches are traditionally despised, Louis continues to visit her even after he is well and they form a close bond. When Louis is called back to the palace to take his place as heir to the throne, Eva must decide whether to let him go or take him back.


Hyakunen Renbo 1 The Dramatic Love of Prince and Witch


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