IBITSU( dont like horror ? DONT READ THIS MANGA)

August 16, 2012

are u a guy and dreaming of a  little sister with a cute lolita dress ? … well after this u might thanks u lucky star that u dont have one….. i’m so happy i dont have a big brother now … and i did rush to my little brother after reading this screaming  ” NEVER TALK TO STRANGE GIRLS ASKING IF U HAVE OR WANT A LITTLE SISTER JUST FREAKING RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN ” ….. this was so dang scary Q_Q so scary !! but good MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA love the end … and hate it … Q_Q she is out there somewhere !!!!!!! @_@ it’s a never ending evul spiral like uzumaki !!!!!! omg y did i read this i will never ever be able to go to any anime manga convent with ppl in lolita dresses …. but have to say this is a great manga for ppl who love horror and ppl who want something scary to read in halloween time :3 

Alternative Name イビツ, 砸扁你

 Years of Released 2009

 Status Complete 

Author(s)Ryou Haruto

Artist(s) Ryou Haruto

Genre(s) Horror, Seinen, Tragedy

summary :

A boy went to take his trash out late one night, and found a strange, creepy, lolita woman sitting amongst the garbage bags. She asked if he had a little sister, and he answered her, hurrying afterwards back to his apartment. When he looked out the window, she was gone. Who is the strange woman, and why does she give him such a bad feeling?

click to read IF U DARE ! but i warn u this is scary !

Ibitsu 1 The Girl at the Trash Dump


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  1. […] to this and *O* read IBITSU( dont like horror ? DONT READ THIS MANGA) hooooooooo… tried to re-read it yesterday but nuuu once ia enough X’D the horror the […]

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