MAKE WAY FOR V3 Gakupo !!!

September 12, 2012

i knew about Gumi V3 BUT *O* did not know about Gakupo ( Q_Q in a corner ) so got so happy when i found it all random on youtube *O*…. have to say :O he sound so different but ❤ IT !  sooo wanna find more great songs !!!!!!!! and sooo looking forward to what is going to happen to him in the future !!!! GAKUPO GANBARE !!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA! ( still luve gackt but but .. LOVE THE BOTH or is it the same person cuz their voice is … @@ my head )


not as much deep as the real one but wooow that os good work *O*

i can feel something *O* the song is giving me a feeling that he has a feeling than he is singing so LUVE IT hahah Luka and him sure is good together :3

this was the first i found *O* dont know really how clicked all random looking for megu megu fire endless night dance BUT FREAKING HAPPY I FOUND IT !

just found this vid googling pictures *O* hhooooooo


ooh right almost forgot XD

found this really cool and interesting  :O

*O* i know how i will fall asleep today

sob sob now i dont have anymore time Q_Q but now i can fall asleep happy ❤

” now come ,  join the world of vocaloid. i’m waiting…)


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