September 14, 2012

manhahamemanheeee Q_Q omg so sad SO FREAKING SAD !!!!!!!! (the sad sounding music did not help to bright it up ) Q_Q i mean this is more happy than sad i mean KAMI-SAMA NANDE Q_Q !!! god y did the bishounen have to do that Q_Q and y is he so beautiful long hair and all and Q_Q sob sob WHY DID SHE FORGET CRULE STORY Q_Q. the art was so beautiful too !…. but the story was a bit confusing but still so so SO GOOD Q_Q it was like eva and adam but but so SAD Q_Q!!!!!!! poor kami-sama !!!!! but i guess i’m happy for them … but still Q_Q NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

have to say i had some problems with knowing if the main char was man or female but seems to be female :3 

Alternative Name  沙夢, Lonesome Eden, Ước mơ búp bê, Sand Dreams, Sha Meng

Years of Released 2007

Status Completed

Author(s)Nan Kong Yuu

Artist(s) Nan Kong Yuu

Genre(s) Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural, Tragedy


Two stories.

The main one spans five chapters. The protagonist is God’s beloved puppet who lives in a huge garden. Out of loneliness, the puppet seeks company. God grants that, but with certain conditions…

In the second story, an angel is kicked down (literally) to Earth to experience some hardship as said angel has a problem with granting people’s wishes and prayers.( did not read this one the first one was so saaaad Q_Q)


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Lonesome Eden 1




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