shall we date ninja love …….. Y U NO GIVE ME HANZO !

October 2, 2012


haaaaa *dreams* haaaaa BISHOUNEN *P* i so love the stories in this game ( even thought it sometimes have some spelling mistakes but meeh i also do them so meeh ) all the hot pictures hahahaha mah thought i would recommend this game for all the bishounen fangirls that have yet to discover it OuO. this is almost as good as any romance bishounen manga :3 just one problem ……… GAME !!! Y U NO GIVE ME HANZO !!!!!!! *table flip rage* UWAAAAAA Q_Q Y CANT I AIM FOR HANZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo !!?!?!?!?! y game y !!!!! ( someone else that has played this game that feels the pain ?) … i mean Y!!! i wanted to slap the girl i play as in some stories he is in love with the girl but but !! BUT!!! the girl/u choose another maaan and are so dense that u never understand that he is in love with u i mean come on girl !!! Q,Q i want pretty bishounen pictures on hanzo toooooooo !!!!!!!!!!! buuut buuut this game is still so good *O* if u like it u should look up their other games have 2 other but the ninja is my favo :3 … HANZOOOOOOO T^T ….. but hehehehe *P* kotaro … musashi … hihihihi….. weeell again this game is a great GREAT bishounen game for girls :3 hehehehe there are blogs with the walkthrough on this game but  BUT !BUT !note that it will be more fun to answer from your heart hahahah sometimes it dont turn out as u thought it would. so i will just mention it like this if u want to use a walkthrough u have to find it by urself :3 hihihi good luck on the bishounen hunt, may the fangirl force be ever in your favor. 

note that when u buy the game u will get 3 characters the other do u have to buy to play.


 this one is perhaps not the one i like the most  but woohoo he is cool but but so mean at the start  X’D uwaaaaaaa but oh well he warm up later O3O…. hehehe he sure have some cool pics :3 and he has my favo weapon :3  haaaaaa he sure is handsome but but still >,< meeep at the start  but but i have yet to fully read the story so who knows XD his music is calm and a bit hmm sold somehow …. like someone watching something ….. perhaps cuz the music i dont like him so much 

uwaaa he is so KAWAIIIII!! and so fun and seems so happy 😀  but !!! he is how to say it … hmm he go straight to the point from the start and says that u are the one he loves unlike the other characters  that take alooong time to say it XD and his music is so funny and full with energy 😀 and cute at the same time :3 hihi  ….. he is more like a little brother so felt a bit strange to play as him but oh well it’s how i think XD hehehe lol he is so different from the sasuke in naruto … i sooo prefer this one ( DONT kill me <,<)

*DROOOOOLS*   this one is so one of my favs *P* he is so so … i dont know … well he is the lone wolf kind if think ( wait like almost everyone are O,O’) eeeh eeeh well well … he is … HE IS JUST SO COOOL  OK !!! uwaaaa y do i like he … do i need a good reason ?  perhaps it’s cuz i like his theme music so much hehehehe :3 + he look so handsome in his special pictures haaaaaa *deams away*

u have to buy to play

enter iga’s nr 1 women killer  GENMON !!!!! wooohooo … well he is how to say it …. uwaaa… well he has….hmmmm…. he is cool and all and i  like his story *O* and he is so cool and have nice sides but he is teasing so much >,< ( well they all are but STILL !) he also have a very good music heheh and he has a so cool pic with fire *O* dragon god FTW ! 

woohoo doctor come and help me i’m lovesick …. haaaa he sure do look kind and handsome … perhaps more cute than handsome … dont know but this is the one i think i like the less …. there is something about him he is super cute but still something …. i think he is more puppy cute but thats what i think. but thanks to him i got a pretty picture of hanzo :3  … have to say i dont really remember his music…. strange ..

Q_Q uwaaaa this one i love hate it he is cool and all but mean at the start and and UWAAAAAA HANZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!! when u play as him  and some other characters hanzo will show feelings for u and then u just turn dont get it and are all lovelydovely with the one u pick and not hanzoooo Q_Q hanzoooo!! i wanna choose u !! …. ok ok  well yagyu is cool and a bit know it all and mean but :3 he is so cute when it shows that he is afraid of ( u guess it ). hehehe and his music is …. really …calm and composed and fits well with him :3

i dont know y … but i so like this one *O* it has to be the wild and big brother feeling over him XD and the music omg i luve it fit’s perfect with him powerful … like a bear or something haaaa + he sure is cute he is … i dont know… pure 0.o ? hmmm well he is great and kyaaaaaaaaaa so cute cuz he is … simple minded ? omg y do i like him >,< !!!!

Y GAME Y !!!

y game y !!!! why did u make hanzo a side character Q_Q he is the one i like the most i want to play his story !!!!!!!   omg y !!! even thought he shows some feeling u wont let me play him oh u EVUL GAME Q_Q so sad sob sob sob every time i see him say something sweet to the main girl i want to punch the ipad cuz i cant answer his feelings Q_Q sob sob sob sob sob sob WHY DID U DO THIS TO MEEEEEEH ! HANZO-DONO !!!

i want more cool pictures on him Q_Q and HIM ALONE !

hanzo Q_Q y 

omg WHY U NO GET HIS FEELINGS Q_Q  haa so dreaming of a game there i can play hanzo-dono’s story Q_Q i want it !!!!! 

and now … hehe found this AMV AND LUVE IT !


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