A Beautiful YouTube

October 11, 2012

well today i come over some really beautiful videos on youtube and i felt i have to post them here cuz they where really touching and had a good message in them so here i go 

we start with the anime/manga video named Draw with me it’s really cute story that can also symbolize love over internet or long distance love. i have to say i relate  a lot to the girl and boy in this video then i also have ppl i can only talk with over the computer. the one who made this video is also a member in deviant art http://mikeinel.deviantart.com 

the second one is a very pretty video in … shadow puppet ..style dont know what to call it. the sounds are really good and the story is touching. it’s about a man and a woman who falls in love he is from a town made of robots and gear she is from the nature they marry and move to his town but slowly the woman start to feel that something is wrong. true love is something u cant invent 

next one is a fun but sad video about how the animals got their colors … poor panda but he is still so cute

this one might look like it’s not finished but it’s very very pretty and a beautiful flow in their movements as they dance

up next is a film based on a Samoan legend, beautiful animated and a great music with a good voice that tells the story about a poor young couple who fled …

i’m sure there are more pretty videos out there in youtube i’m just to lazy to find them all and time is something u dont really have when u are in school 


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