Arcana Famiglia Character Song

October 15, 2012


omg love the way he says bambina ( or how u spell it ) god melting hahahahahaha XD

he look so freaking cool in the first pic *O*  i luve his glasses and his eyes in that pic !

somehow expected a more japanese style with perhaps old japanese instrument but but his voice is so sweet ❤

Y DID U GO BALD GET UR HAIR BACK !!!!!! hahah but he still have a charming voice XD BUT THE HAIR NOW !

he sounds so happy and god y do i suddenly want to work out or skip on the street with a weird smile hahaha XD

awwwwwwwww he has a very nice and caring voice 😀  + he is soo pretty and looks so cool in his hat XD

as i thought a happy and energetic melody 😀 haaa he is so cute !!




  1. Wow, your blog is great! Always nice te read peopes wiews on series. Think I’m gonna keep reading :3

    • haha thanks i hope i wont kill u with my girly fan girl moment XD sometimes i can myself feel it a bit too much… but what to do cant stop it XD

      • I can totally relate to that! I also have my fan girl moments and later when I read the posts I almost get embaressed xD

      • haha yeah and then u have the lazy moment and let it be cuz u dont want to rewrite it XD

      • I see it as a part of my charm xD

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