December 8, 2012


the short stories are so cute sad pretty and amazing  !!!! the first one is so cute and funny sometimes ( well i thought it was funny ) and the 2nd  is good too 😀 … i want to slap some ppl in it <,<. the 3th is just so saaaaaaaaaaad Q_Q omg omg how could he do that to her Q_Q poor kid !!!!!!!!!!. the 4th was also really sad Q_Q felt sorry for them both !! hihi one thing that is perhaps a down is that every story end well ( am i evul for thinking that ?) i would had liked if some of them might had ended in sad way ^^”” but but again the stories are great and the art is amazing too 😀 


Alternative Name  江戸カルタ,Edo Card Game

Years of Released 2009

Status Completed

Author(s) Ame Arare

Artist(s) Ame Arare

Genre(s) Historical, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo 

Summary :

A collection of historic short stories, each associated with a karuta card. The stories revolve around the red-light district of Yoshiwara, in Edo.

1) Kimori


Okuma is a good-natured, sweet girl, but she is unable to find a husband due to her weight. One day, a samurai defends her from being publicly mocked. Is this samurai her chance to find happiness?

2) Kanrobai

After her father ritually commits suicide, Asagi finds herself in much reduced circumstances. Some of the girls who work with Asagi bully her, and the high-class airs she puts on don’t help the situation. All she wants is a way to get back to the lifestyle to which she was accustomed, but all she has is mistreatment and the company of a strange man trapped under a barrel…

3) Maigoishi

Tama is a lost child, and she’s taken in temporarily by a family who already has a son, Shirou. Tama can’t wait to find her beloved father again. However, finding the place where she belongs may not be so simple for little Tama.

4) Akaishinyo

Seiichi is the only one left to protect his princess, Miya. He wants what’s best for her, regardless of their feelings for one another. But can he really tell what that might be?

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Edo Karuta 1


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