IT’S A TRAP !! ( nico nico douga singers)

December 11, 2012

WELCOME ! LETS ENTER THE WORLD OF TRAP SINGERS lol XD well well i kind of like them :3 … and they sure have a great singing voice !! so so here is some of my favo trap singers (or what to call them XD ) from nico nico douga :3


96NEKO is first up

XD she has a great voice. sounds cool with a low voice and so CUTE ! with her female voice >,< i was i was half as talented .. wait what half would i pick …. the low voice or super pretty female voice >< nuuhuu! 

soo much 96neko !! and yes the girl is her too ! ( well what i know it’s only the amazing neko XD )


and i love this song that she sings with VIPtenchou >,< so cute !! and cool … hinthint viptenchou is not a girl 😀 

soo next up iiiiiiis VIPTENCHOU


he’s voice OMG ! Y U SO UNFAIR WORLD !! there a boys that looks better as girls than me, dance sexy girly dance better than me and NOW SINGS MORE GIRLY AND BETTER THAN ME X’D sob sob starting to wonder here if i really are 100% girl XD hahahaha oh well 

yes IT’S A BOY !! I PROMISE !! but omg he sound so cute X’D 




she also have a good low husky voice and a cuuuute female voice !!  hehe one of my friend like her alot got a skype msg with with this vid :

again i also wanna be able to sing with low and husky voice and the bOOM jump to ultra cute voice X’D 




yes YES ! it’s his voice X’D and omg soon i will rage quit my voice X’D sob sob 

X’D i should upload a song with his more .. eeh .. less girly voice but … i like it so here i go again X’D  + he looks so CUTE !



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