July 5, 2013


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SO SWEET XD she is so cute !! and well i knew what was going to happen …. and i guess i can guess the rest of the story BUT STILL SO CUTE !!! i wish her best of luck and i sooo hope to see more in the future SOOOOOOON SOOOOOOOON !!!!! haaaaaa cant wait for the 2nd guy to jump in and that jealous girl to start to act XD hehehehehe how will this end XD 


Alternative Name 初恋わずらい

Years of Released 2013

Status Ongoing  

Author(s) Umezawa Marina

Artist(s) Umezawa Marina

Genre(s) RomanceSchool LifeShoujo



From Chibi Manga: She’s escorting boy to make them believe in love. Though she doesn’t know anything about love, he’ll teach her what “love” really means… From Shoujo-Sense: High school student Hotaru has never been in love. To her, it’s a mysterious feeling, despite the advice of those around her, and she finds herself wishing she could experience it for herself… That is, until she meets Shinri—handsome, popular, and a shameless flirt—who offers to teach her about love. Could this be her chance to understand the mysterious feeling at last? And what, exactly, are Shinri’s intentions?

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Hatsukoi Wazurai 1


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