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Raindrops chapter 6 page 16-23

September 14, 2010

OMG more raindrops !!!!! thanx

YoukaiYume-sama for creating this wonderful, beautiful, amazing Doujinshi!!!!. If you read this i want you to know that i’m a big big big big fan !!!!!

…… as you maybe have figured out there is more pages in the Doujinshi raindrops !!!!!! and you have to read it !!!!!!! the art is as usually great and the story is wonderful! And yeeeeees I just knew it from the first time I saw him !!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it !!!!!! hihihihi the “stranger “ is so kawaiiii!!!!! Hihihi kagome is really cute to XD but  if I was her I would ask for his name…… but then again I already know who it is sooo……… maybe I wouldn’t.  but enough about that IF you ARE a SESS/KAG FAN go and READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

you just can’t miss this !!!!!!!

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Raindrops 06 – Page 16


Raindrops 06 – by YoukaiYume

February 18, 2010

who is the stranger in raindrops chapter 6 ???

I think it’s sesshomaru in human form (don’t ask me how he became a human I don’t know) but it u look closer on the pictures there he first appears (page 3) then u can se that he is holding a umbrella  and I think it looks like the umbrella kagome gave sesshomaru….. but maybe it’s just me that’s seeing things XD but I hope what its sesshomaru and I think he looks like him in

page 4

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ch 6

really random vid


Sesshomaru x Kagome

September 21, 2009

Hey hey hey all of you that love Sess/Kag look here!!!!!!!!!

Today I found a cool vid on youtube and there was a deviant art link that I click on and guess that I found?!^_^ A great wonderful amazing beautiful manga about sesshomaru and kagome!!!!!! I couldn’t stop read I just wanted more more. The fan manga is called raindrops and I amazing, the pictures is soo incredible good! YoukaiYume is a wonderful artist! I can’t wait for chapter 5.   This is truly a manga for all that love the pair sess/kag.

YoukaiYume is a genius the story line is great and the layout on the pictures is good too.

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