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RANDOM with d gray man on youtube xD and B1A4

April 24, 2011

Yes just now i’m trying to find a reason to NOT STUDY xD hahahahha…..( but i really need to =_=’) yeah but i’m looking around on youtube and found some cool/funny/random vids xD so here they are XD. ( yeah i know this is a waste of a blog post that i could have been using to something more important but hahaha I DON’T WANT TO STUDY T^T)

first up nyan nyan with d gray man xD hahaha go kanda go kanda XD (looks like he did not like that song xD)

now it’s DANCE TIME again xD with d gray man XD YEAH !

hahaha omg OMG XD THIS WAS SO FUNNY XD hahahahahhaa kandaaa XD hahahahaaaaa…..

hahahaha yeah this is really allen walker’s song xD aaawww poor moyashi

aaah this one 0o0 i found it again…. an d it’s still sooo COOOL XD

and now last vid ^^.

ARE THEY NOT CUTE !!!!^///^waaaaaa i love them from the first song XD hahahaha omg omg omg i love this song and i soooooOOOOOOOOoooooo want to hear more from them !!!! i have listen to this song 60 times now and it’s still sooo cute XD you can buy it on itunes if you want to xD waaaa waaa if i could i would make a AMV whit this song i mean it’s SCREAMING AMW MUSIC XD hahahahahahahaahahaaa…….. sorry ^^”’…. naaah see u later ^^. sorry for this random post ^^”’