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July 27, 2013

soo a turn of things made me write this and well i should have done it soo much more earlier >,< stupid me !

okay here we go:

At this blog i dont aim to steal someones work and i dont own/created/worked on/etc any of the vids or pictures or the manga/ anime , j drama, links and games etc etc  if i have anything with something to do with then i will write it out.

The only thing i can say i made made is the text in dark blue often the text that describes how i felt and think about the thing i write about. (a lot of  kyaa and omg and things like that)

if you dear visitor and reader feel that you want something down or feel that i have stolen a picture or vid then tell me and i will take down the vid, picture, manga, game or the whole post if needed.

but if it’s for example an anime or manga or vid or music that is linked for example an manga on mangafox or anime on animeseason or vid on youtube then i have no way of removing them from mangafox or animeseason or youtube because i’m not the one who have uploaded them there.

Again all i can do is remove the thing from this blog not from the link i will refere u to. 

again at this blog i will collect picture from an anime or manga or drama or game etc and write something about it and post some facts then link you the place to play or watch or read i dont own own or claim it or anything any manga, anime, game, drama, music, vid and if u want something removed i can only remove it from my blog.


3 in the morning @_@

June 30, 2013

it’s 3 in the morning here but i just had to stay up and finish watching the anime The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye !! it’s just that amazing XD heeeee…. and something is wrong with me but i can stop picturing blue breaker as a bishounen *P* i think it’s his voice hehehehehe and bogie  is just so sweet and cute in his own way XD  and who can resist Jōganki voice X’D kyaaaaaaa!! ❤ ❤ ❤ is all i can say about that.



August 13, 2011

SORRY that i have not been posting anything lately …. But i have a good reason … i have been sick … sick with BIEBEeeeeeeR FEVEEEEEE……. Oh wait … do NIGAHIGA have copyright on that …. 0.o????…..

Now back to reality …. I have no good reason TT^TT…. All I can say is that my time is flying away from me TT^TT….. and that ….. TT^TT I don’t know why but but… it seems like I cant find any manga I REALLY LIKE AND WANT TO WRITE ABOUT TT^TT…… but most it’s cuz I’m TO LAZY X’D sorry ^^’’’’ but but……. Haaaaa…. No that’s a bad excuse ^^’’’…. I will try to do better from now on ok ^^’’ so gomene !!!!!


WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MaNgA, mUsIc AnD aNiMe (Ad perpetuum/everlasting)

April 21, 2011

I just changes the name on the blog from manga, magical  and anime to manga, music and anime ^^. Just cuz I like to start to write more about music too and cuz I always post a music vid with the manga/anime.  

Today I would like to introduce the 3 new music group BLOCK B and X-FIVE/X-5 and Aziatix

X-5 debuted yesterday and it seems like it was a success ^^. I think the have a DBSK/TVXQ(old) feeling over them. Even thought I don’t have heard more than the teasers I still get high expectation.

more info

Then it comes to BLOCK B ….. there are many people that say that they look and sounds like big bang and B2ST butl…. Hmmmm BLOCK B has more rap in their songs.  I really like them the songs, the dance.( They writes their own songs). 

more info

Aziatix i have only heard one song and they have only one song but i love their voices hahaha it really calms me down.  they are kind of like JYJ.

more info

Music a weapon against the bring life , BANZAIIIIIIIiiiiii!

Music a weapon against the boring life , BANZAIIIIIIIiiiiii!




2 years today and the end of Heart no Kuni no Alice

April 20, 2011

Today is this blog 2 YEARS >.< !!!!!!!!!! yeah !!! HAPPY BDAY MaNgA, mAgIcAl AnD aNiMe !!!!!! im so happy that there are ppl who is reading this blog and i’m REALLY happy over the comments i get  ^^THANKS/DOMO ARIGATO ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !! aaaaaaaaaaahhhh…….it’s feels really good that I have not give up in this blog….. to be honest I thought about doing it sometimes cuz the school…. But nooooooo >.< !!!!! now I’m sure of it I WONT DO IT !!! hahahahaaa….. I hope that you my dear readers like what you see in this blog and that you are able to remember or find new fun manga/anime ^^.

i want Neuro to win XD i love his voice ….. yeah that’s the reason ^^.

Then it comes to the last ch of Heart no Kuni no Alice I have to say… WHAT JUST HAPPEN ^^’’’’!?!?!…….. I don’t really get the end to 100% ^^’’…. Hmmmm so I think I will read it again xD yeaaah !!!! hahaha…. But but but but but but i want her to be with ************ not ************** ……….but i still  think the end is good…. Do you ^^?

click to read

Heart no Kuni no Alice 35: Wonderful Wonder World



January 7, 2011


Bishounen bishounen who do not love bishounen ( I’m asking u girls) lalalaaaa love them XD but the sad truth is that we will not be able to meet them T^T but but we can always read about them and look at them and poke them XD hahaha and you can always jump over a cosplayer ^^. Hahaha ( be sure to not break anything if u do it).  I  don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of bishounen XD  I’m always looking after more bishounen hihihi if you click on the link can you see some of the bishounen I have found so far ( not all of them hahaha I have to sleep and live my life too XD).  Take a look and who knows perhaps you find something interesting ^^.



メリークリスマス !/merry christmas! AND 1/2 Prince Vol.09 Ch.048: Divine Beast, An Rui

December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!! Thanks for reading my blog !!!!!!!!!! i hope u get a REALLY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Christmas Eve with a lot of candy, gifts, friends/family !!!!  i hope u all get a Christmas Eve with a lot of  warm feelings and peace and fun ^^. And again thanks m(_ _)m for reading my blog !!!!! I truly appreciates it and to know that there is people reading it makes me really happy ^^- .

so ….. HUG !!!!!! (>^-^)> !!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS!!

and btw read the new ch of 1/2 PRINCE !!!!!!

1/2 Prince Vol.09 Ch.048: Divine Beast, An Rui