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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

October 20, 2010

I really like this anime XD but the manga is sooo much better XD i hope that the anime will be longer then the manga.  There is 2 manga  versions but i will only write about the one i like the most.. I really like the story it reminds me about Death Note,  Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. I also like the art style. This is a really good anime to watch on a dark rainy night XD. But u don’t get too scared by this anime, sure there are ghosts but I don’t know why but u don’t get all jumpy then u see them. maybe is it because all the ghosts has a  sad story . I recommends this anime.

Alternative Name 心霊探偵八雲; Psychic Detective Yakumo; Shinrei Tantei Yakumo ,心霊探偵 八雲, 心霊探偵 八雲 ~赤い瞳は知っている~, Psychic Detective Yakumo – The red eyes know, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (MIYAKO Ritsu), Psisik Dedektif Yakumo

Author(s) Kaminaga Manabu

Artist(s) Miyako Ritsu

Genre(s) Horror, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

Plot Summary: In order to help a friend possessed by a spirit, Ozawa Haruka knocks on the door of her university’s movie research association. There she meets Saitou Yakumo, a rude, unkempt young man with a red left eye, who is said to have spiritual powers. At first Haruka is skeptical, but she comes to believe him when he conveys messages from her older sister, who died when she was a child. Together, they work to shed light on the terrifying events happening at their university. But this is only the prologue of what’s to come…

Ayumi Fujimura as Haruka Ozawa
Daisuke Ono as Yakumo Saitō
Akimitsu Takase as Unkai Saitō
Hiroki Touchi as Kazutoshi Gotō
Megumi Toyoguchi as Makoto Hijikata
Rokuro Naya as Hideyoshi Hata
Ryoka Yuzuki as Miyuki Nanase
Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Yūtarō Ishii
Toshihiko Seki as Isshin Saitō

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The Forbidden Room

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Otome Youkai Zakuro Episode 3

October 19, 2010


waaa love this ep XD I finally got to know about Zakuros past ! and hey that fox I believe that its her dad !!!! it has to be! Or no I don’t has to be her dad but I think it is! Waaaa I really cant believe that  Agemaki

has the same voice actor as Yu Kanda form d gray man and Medicine seller from mononoke XD heheheh Agemaki is so sweet then he is trying to be more friendly with Zakuro XD hahaha I don’t know if he is weak or strong XD but he’d funny

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Tragic Past



Otome Yōkai Zakuro

October 12, 2010
i’m so going to keep watching this anime XD waaaaaa Agemaki is so kawaii  >_< and funny hihihi XD and he has the same voice actor as yuu kanda (d gray man) and The Medicine Seller (mononoke)  and more. Waaa I really like the voices and I love the song they are singing then they are fighting.  Waaaa  Zakuro is really interesting XD

It’s the Meiji Era in a slightly alternate Japan, and the Gregorian calendar has just come into effect. The fox-eared girls living in the youkai part of town are about to be put to work together with a delegation of young human soldiers, to promote interracial understanding. So what will happen when Zakuro’s strong personality collides with human sensibilities?


Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical ,
Romance ,Seinen, Supernatural
Alternative Name

Demon Maiden Zakuro
Female Demon Zakuro
Girl Demon Zakuro

Opening Theme:

“MOON SIGNAL” by Sphere

Mai Nakahara as Zakuro
Takahiro Sakurai as Kei Agemaki
Aki Toyosaki as Bonbori
Akihiko Ishizumi as Amaryōju
Kana Hanazawa as Susukihotaru
Kazue Komiya as Kushimatsu
Nobuhiko Okamoto as Mamezō
Satoshi Hino as Riken Yoshinokazura
Takayuki Kondou as Takatoshi Hanadate
Yui Horie as Hōzuki
Yuka Iguchi as Sakura
Yuuki Kaji as Ganryū Hanakiri

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Episode 1


Arakawa Under The Bridge X Bridge Ep 1

October 6, 2010

Yeeeees Kou/, Rikurūto and Nino is back !!!!!! hahahahahaha they are just to cute together XD but I have to say that my fav is sister (ShisutāXD)

Don’t make the same mistake as I did. I read the manga first and the I saw this ep I was not laughing as much as I could have XD

Plot Summary: In the dry riverbed of Arakawa River, undefeated elite Ichinomiya Kou (aka Rick) met the lovely homeless girl Nino, a self-declared Venusian. Their awkward love stirs up trouble among the other strange inhabitants of the riverbed.

good pictures

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Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 50

September 26, 2010

Kyaaa i finally got to see henri-sans face then he tasted the tart !!!!!!! hihihihihihi and i would love to eat it too.  !!!!!!! i’m not going to say anything more about the ep…….. hehehe bur i just love the end XD hihihia and i sooo want to see the next season!!!!!!!

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Episode 50

This anime makes me want to watch and read shugo chara again XD


Hakuōki Hekketsu-roku,Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional

September 19, 2010

Waaaaa i just cant wait for ep 50 of  Yumeiro Patissiere!!!!!!!!!! I soo want to se henri-sans face then he tastes itchigos tart!!!!! But I have to say that I also looking forward to Yumeiro Patissiere Professional that will be aired 2010-10-03. Now we are following Ichigo and the gang in high school!

And who would forget to look at Hakuōki Hekketsu-roku that will be out  2010-10-02 it has 12 eps.

Hihih I love the new clothes XD


Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Kurenai no Tsuki/Owarinaki Unmei/Dan no Ura

September 4, 2010

Aaaaaaa i just love Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Kurenai no Tsuki/Owarinaki Unmei/Dan no Ura!!!!!!!!!!. But the end is kind of………… i will tell you later. Back to the begining, at first i was a bit confused but after a time the story is getting clear. It’s about the war between Genji/Minamoto and Heikei/Taira

Genres: drama, fantasy, romance, historical


One rainy day Nozomi Kasuga and her two friends encounter a strange boy at their high school, who sends them hurtling across time and space to a place in another world called Kyō. This place bears a strong resemblance to Kyoto at the end of the Heian period, where the Minamoto clan (Genji), led by Minamoto no Yoritomo (based on the historical Minamoto no Yoritomo), is at war with the Taira clan (Heike), led by Taira no Kiyomori (based on the historical Taira no Kiyomori). The Heike hope to defeat the Genji by releasing vengeful spirits (onryō) to disturb the Earth’s natural flow of energies and to terrorize the land. The boy that Nozomi met is revealed to be the human form of

Hakuryū, the White Dragon God said to protect Kyō, whose powers have greatly weakened due to the presence of the onryō. Nozomi discovers that she has the power to seal the onryō as Hakuryū no Miko (白龍の神子, Priestess of the White Dragon?), and she allies herself with the Genji in order to seal the onryō, restore Hakuryū’s powers, and return home to her own world but will she sucseed. Heikei is not the only problem the enymey is closer than you think and sometimes love can be blind.

Main Characters

Nozomi Kasuga (春日望美, Kasuga Nozomi?)

Age: 17

Seiyū: Tomoko Kawakami (川上とも子, Kawakami Tomoko?)

Masaomi Arikawa (有川将臣, Arikawa Masaomi?) ( one of my favorites)

Age: 17?

Height: 183 cm

Birthdate: August 12

Element: Wood

Seiyū: Shin-ichiro Miki (三木眞一郎, Miki Shin’ichirō?)

Minamoto no Kurō Yoshitsune (源九郎義経?)

Age: 22

Height: 179 cm

Birthdate: November 9

Element: Wood

Seiyū: Tomokazu Seki (関智一, Seki Tomokazu?

Hinoe (ヒノエ?)

Age: 17

Height: 170 cm

Birthdate: April 1

Element: Fire

Seiyū: Naozumi Takahashi (高橋直純, Takahashi Naozumi?)

Musashibō Benkei (武蔵坊弁慶?) ( one of my favorites)

Age: 25

Height: 175 cm

Birthdate: February 11

Element: Earth

Seiyū: Kōki Miyata (宮田幸季, Miyata Kōki?)

Yuzuru Arikawa (有川譲, Arikawa Yuzuru?)

Age: 16

Height: 180 cm

Birthdate: July 17

Element: Metal

Seiyū: Shigeru Nakahara (中原茂, Nakahara Shigeru?)

Kajiwara Kagetoki (梶原景時?)

Age: 27

Height: 186 cm

Birthdate: March 5

Element: Metal

Seiyū: Kazuhiko Inoue (井上和彦, Inoue Kazuhiko?)

Taira no Atsumori (平敦盛?) ( one of my favorites)

Age: 18

Height: 165 cm

Birthdate: May 28

Element: Water

Seiyū: Sōichirō Hoshi (保志総一朗, Hoshi Sōichirō?)

Ridvan (リズヴァーン?) ( one of my favorites)

Age: 34

Height: 193 cm

Birthdate: January 9

Element: Earth

Seiyū: Akira Ishida (石田彰, Ishida Akira?)

Kajiwara Saku (梶原朔?)

Age: 18

Height: 163 cm

Birthdate: May 10

Element: Water

Seiyū: Hoko Kuwashima (桑島法子?)

Hakuryū (白龍?) ( one of my favorites)

Age: unknown

Height: 130 cm (in child form), 185 cm (in adult form)

Birthdate: unknown

Element: Fire

Seiyū: Ryōtarō Okiayu (置鮎龍太郎?) (adult form), Ikue Ōtani (大谷育江 ?) (child form)

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Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Kurenai no Tsuki 1/6

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Owarinaki Unmei


Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3: Owarinaki Unmei 1/6

HaruToki 3 – OVA Dan no Ura no sub

good pictures of the anime

I don’t know if I like or do not like the end. It feels like there should bee more episodes. I would really like to see Nozomi adn Masaomi together in the end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s so sad the he is leaving her and who knows then they meet again


Hakuouki Episode 9 RAW

May 30, 2010

Kyaaaaa i LOVE this ep it’s soooo goooood hihihihihi but poor Chizuru T^T she got attacked by a  oni and then Sannan-san…… and  Kazama hit Chizuru and ….. and what is Kaoru Nagumo planing to do i really don’t like that smile

…………  …………. and

Hmmm no I don’t want to say anymore XD I think that you should watch the ep..

soooo much happens in this ep I was like WHAT 0O0 noooooooo! Kyaaaaaaaaaa! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

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Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Episode 9

i just LOVE to see Brera and  Ranka together


Hakuouki ep 7 ( no sub yet) ( now with sub)

May 18, 2010

ep with sub

Fate of a Fetter

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa i just have to learn more japanese!!!! I just understood a few things but i still LOVE this ep and i just cant stop watching. Hihihhihihi i really love Chikage Kazama he is one of my many favorites in this anime XD hihihi i wonder that he is meaning with telling Chizuru that woman are rare ^_^ hehe no i don’t because i know XD hihihih aa i just cant wait for the next ep and for this ep to get sub

Hihi but I just love the body check scene hihihi I got my daily recommended dosage of bishounens XD

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Hakuouki Episode 7

hahah love this scene XD

hahah love this scene XD

XD i would also looke like that XD

XD i would also looke like that XD

one word KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA ^////^

one word KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA ^////^

hiii love him

hiii love him


Hakuouki Episode 6 no subb yet !

May 10, 2010

Kyaaaaa sannan-san gambatte !!!!!!!!!!! he tried to kill himself  with chizuru-sans katana Y^Y  i’m so happy that he’s alive and that his arme is good again …..but he is not TT^TT . and aaaa and who is the woman that looks like chizuru-san???? I want to know!!!!! And why are the bad guy after chizuru and what are they going to do with her ?!?!?! i can tell that the have interest in her.

Aaaa I wish that I could more Japanese I did not understand everything that they said TT^TT  I have to rewatch the ep then it have subb.

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Hakuouki Episode 6