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WTMCO: When The Mask Comes Off by Jamie Hasaku

August 10, 2013

When the Mask Comes Off fan art by ~zirofax ( deviantart)

sooo hehehe i’m re-reading some fanfictions ( cuz i have 0 social life …. ^^’) and well i wanted to read some ZUTARA today 😀  …. BIG FAN i’m  a BIG fan of zutara … ( DONT KILL ME KATANG LOVERS !) i did not get that happy with katara and aang and zuko and mei ….. felt meeeeh…. i think legend of korra ( that soon has it season 2 release) would work even if aang and katara had not end up together.  haaaaaa but but i guess it had to end like this i know this might be a bit mean but i somehow cant see anyone else … wait TOPH and aand would had worked out 😀 …. so heeeeeey !!! or perhaps not…. i kind of cant see toph love him that way ( DONT KILL ME TOPHXAANG FANS !) hmmmmm so i guess it had to be like this… but whyyyyyyyy  ZUTARA HAD SO MUCH SO MUCH POTENTIAL !!!!!!!!!  

oops i totally forgot what i was going to say XD ok ok sorry 

so the summary for WTMCO by jamie hasaku is:

After freeing her and her friends from capture, Zuko has no choice but to care for a gravely injured Katara, who was left behind by accident. The trick? Keeping his face hidden so she doesn’t hurt herself even more by trying to fight him. 


i would love it if someone made a doujinshi of this story *O* i would if i could … but cant cuz if i starts to draw then the world will crumble and fall apart ^^’




July 5, 2013

Mikeinel  is just amazing Q_Q the animation he made Draw With Me is just so beautiful and heartbreaking Q_Q i’m so stalking him on devianart XD i’m not sure if i have posted anything about him before but he is worth a repost if i did

bitter sweet internet love ( well thats kinda how i see this vid) i mean many ppl do fall in love over the internet and that do not mean they can meet whenever they want so they are stuck behind that layer of glass. … i have to say that the end of this vid is both scary and so freaking sweet !!!!!! ( wont spolier )

omg omg omg that vid !!! how did they get together !! what happen to their arms !!!!!!! why cant we see the boy’s face like we can see the girl’s ?!?!?!!? WHAT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A Beautiful YouTube

October 11, 2012

well today i come over some really beautiful videos on youtube and i felt i have to post them here cuz they where really touching and had a good message in them so here i go 

we start with the anime/manga video named Draw with me it’s really cute story that can also symbolize love over internet or long distance love. i have to say i relate  a lot to the girl and boy in this video then i also have ppl i can only talk with over the computer. the one who made this video is also a member in deviant art 

the second one is a very pretty video in … shadow puppet dont know what to call it. the sounds are really good and the story is touching. it’s about a man and a woman who falls in love he is from a town made of robots and gear she is from the nature they marry and move to his town but slowly the woman start to feel that something is wrong. true love is something u cant invent 

next one is a fun but sad video about how the animals got their colors … poor panda but he is still so cute

this one might look like it’s not finished but it’s very very pretty and a beautiful flow in their movements as they dance

up next is a film based on a Samoan legend, beautiful animated and a great music with a good voice that tells the story about a poor young couple who fled …

i’m sure there are more pretty videos out there in youtube i’m just to lazy to find them all and time is something u dont really have when u are in school 


happy valentine’s day !!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

February 14, 2011

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY DEAR READERS AND MANGA/ANIME FANS !!! I hope u have/has/had a great day ^^.  Even if u have not found the one/the right /the only don’t feel sad ^^. u are not alone and hey love is something beautiful try to feel happy for the lucky couples on the world . smile smile cuz perhaps  u are next on amor’s list  ^_^.


Sorry for not so many updates in this blog ^^’ the school is trying to kill me… but if u have time u can always check out my twitter ^^ (

just cuz i love gackt-sama


Kanda Yuu D.Gray Man (神田 ユウ)

November 29, 2010

Okay it’s not often that i just writes about one manga/anime characters but i think that Kanda Yuu is worth to write about XD  he is one of my favo bishounen hihihihi and bad boys XD. So here it comes XD



Hihihi how can u not like himXD ( and don’t tell me cuz he has a bad personality XD that’s one of the things I like about him;))  hihi and I just love his hair and his eyes and….. everything XD ( hahahaha I’m weak against bishounen with long hair and a sword/katana and  bad personality but can sometimes be kind.

Random time XDD

Katsura Hoshino’s comment on Kanda’s profile :”it’s not easy drawing beautiful people”

  • · It’s implied that Kanda can’t swim.
  • In one of the Discussion Rooms, it is noted that Kanda washes his hair with soap
  • Kanda strongly dislikes candy and sweets.
  • His favorite word is “Che”
  • His favorite food is Soba
  • Originally forged by Zhu Chan, his anti-akuma weapon Mugen (六幻, Six Illusions) is an Innocence that originally took the form of a sleek chokuto and is later reforged as a katana. Mugen is capable of unleashing several techniques dubbed “illusions”

how can u say Che or Khe to this !!!!!!!!!!!! he is just too drop dead gorgeous

He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese and Travis Willingham in English.

hahhahaha and just so u know I’m a big KanLina/KanLena Fan XDDD hahahah I just love them together XDDDD

Whatever Makes You Happy

Kanda Yuu user guide and instruction manual



August 11, 2010

A time ago i discovered that one of my favo pairing is Zutara (katara and zuko). Zuko and Katara were orignially supposed to end up together. I really don’t know why they decided to change it …….. and I think it was a stupid decision………. I think that aang is more like her little brother even tho he is over 100 years old……

Enough about that. i found a REALLY good amv and a really good fan fiction XD

And here they are:


After freeing her and her friends from capture, Zuko has no choice but to care for a gravely injured Katara, who was left behind by accident. The trick? Keeping his face hidden so she doesn’t hurt herself even more by trying to fight him.

( i just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE X3000X30 this fanfiction Jamie Hasaku did a great work !!!! and the amv is also well done ! haaaaaa i hope that katara and zuko is together in the movie  )

click to read

WTMCO: When The Mask Comes Off »



Happy Easter Happy Easter Happy Easter Happy Easter!

April 3, 2010