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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.021-024

February 13, 2010

Naaa poor boris is he going to survive? and who had hurt him? and why is ace so strange ? and what is alice going to do then ace tells her that he will kill her? And is she going to the dance ball? and why is white angry?   It happens so much in these chapters so click on the link and star to read

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.021: Knight

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.022: Coming Uneasiness

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.023: Desire

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.024: Letter of Invitation


Heart no kuni no Alice

January 31, 2010

Aaaa I wish that this manga/game was a anime to TT^TT or is it already a anime ???? when I look after it on Google I found

“Unfortunately, this anime has been indefinitely delayed as of November 2008, so there is no word yet on its release.”

and “The company had been accepting anime pre-orders at stores and events for a November release.”

but then i tries to find any trailer for the anime i don’t find anything

sooo is there a anime or not? ^^’  anyone that know?


Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.019-Ch.020

January 30, 2010

Aaaa Julius was sooo kawaiii in Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.019: Whereabouts ^_^ when he saw Alice cry he gave her a hug -^_^- but it was his fault that she cried ..

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.019: Whereabouts

Whaaaat Ace said that he will kill Alice !!!!! =_=!!!!!!!!!and Boris he points a gun at Ace Oo0!!!!! and Nightmare cough up blood 0o0 !!!!In Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.020: Twilight !!!

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.020: Twilight

i’m not going to say anymore so click on the likns and READ 😉



January 15, 2010

Kyaaaa this is sooo coooool hihihihi this manga is really funny hihi and the characters in this manga is really good and interesting. And I really like the story XD  there is both handsome boys and beautiful girls ^_^

Alternative Name 君は僕の虜なれ, 让我俘虏你, You Are My Captive

Years of Released 2008

Status Ongoing (on mangafox)
Author(s) Tsuzuki Setsuri

Artist(s) Tsuzuki Setsuri

Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Related Scanlators Aerandria Scans


From Aerandria Scans:
The heir of the huge Fushiki corporation, Tomoe, comes to Japan as an exchange student. He is his father’s youngest child and on top of that – his mistress’s child, but he was still appointed as heir. There’s danger that people will aim for his life. They attach to him a new maid, with glasses, naturally clumsy and ill-mannered… who turns out to be his new bodyguard, defending Tomoe with her mop!

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Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare Vol.01 Ch.001

random vid

Can’t get this song out of my head !

i think it fits with this manga



January 14, 2010

Just love this manga hihihihiihihi and i have figured out something hihihihihihi about the princess and the body guard hihihihihihi but i’m not going to tell you ….. not i think that when u read this manga that you also is going to figure out it  ^_^. Hihihi this is just sooo kawaii and funny and as usually in the manga that I’m reading it also have bishounens XD hihi i want MORE!!!

Alternative Name 공주님과 건달님,A Princess and a Bum,The King’s New Son-In-Law

Years of Released 2005

Status Ongoing  (mangaofx)

Status in Country of Origin

5 Volumes (Complete)

Author(s) Kim Hee Kyoung

Artist(s) Kim Hee Kyoung

Related Scanlators Aerandria Scans

Genre(s) Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo


From Aerandria:
Who am I? I’m Gi-ryum, a tall, handsome bachelor, and the coolest guy in the country who even makes O△ sama (Reference to “Yon-sama”: Bae, Yon-Jun from Winter Sonata) cry at my beauty. One day, I received classified info of the princess enrolling in a regular high school. Huhuhu. Can I snag the princess with my irresistible beauty?! I will be the king’s new son-in-law!

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Princess and a Bum Vol.01 Ch.001

random vid



January 1, 2010

This is another great work from Shinjo Mayu  ( she is one of my favorites mangakas ^_^)   as always the manga if full of handsome boys and a pretty heroine.^_^ and the pictures are good but i think that there is to many characters that’s reminding about characters from her other mangas

Alternative Name ハートのダイヤ, 钻石之心, Diamond Heart, Heart no Daiya, The Diamond of Heart

Years of Released 2009

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Shinjo Mayu

Artist(s) Shinjo Mayu

Genre(s) Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut, Supernatural


Himeno’s chest will hurt if any boy touches her because she has the diamond of the heart. However, when she was young, she befriended two boys — the gentle Mamoru and the blunt Keigo — who are able to touch her without harming her. Without knowing about the diamond of the heart, both Mamoru and Keigo promised to protect Himeno. When some people threaten to take Himeno’s heart, who else will protect her but her knights?

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Heart no Diamond Ch.001

random vid ( thnx oneesama for sending me this vid ) and xKiryuuzGirlx for this vid


Sad Love Story

December 12, 2009

This is really a sad manga T^T  but it’s really good and interesting to

Alternative title(s): 悲しき恋歌, 悲伤恋歌, 슬픈연가,슬픈연가 (The Sad Love Story), Kanashiki Koiuta, Sad Love Song, Sad Sonata, The Sad Love Story

Released in: 2005

Status: Completed

Author(s): SHIN Ji-Sang , Geo

Artist(s): SHIN Ji-Sang , Geo

Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy


As a child, Joon-young was always teased because his mother owned a bar that served Americans. When he meets Hae-in, a blind girl, they become childhood sweethearts and he vows to always protect her. However, Hae-in and her mom take off one night, leaving Joon-young and his promise behind. Hae-in later meets Gun-woo, the rich son of a CEO. Among these three, a tragic love triangle begins to form…

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Sad Love Story Vol.01 Ch.001 (mangafox)

Sad Love Story 1 (