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Hiiro no Isu and Anti-Gravity Boy

April 28, 2009

2 manga tips

Hiiro no Isu

Alternative Name  The Scarlet Chair

Years of Released  2005

Status  Ongoing

Author(s)  Midorikawa Yuki

Artist(s)  Midorikawa Yuki

Genre(s)  Action, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo


Setsu is a tomboy who lives in the small village Niolz and she’s been participating in various Martial Arts Comepetitions in order to earn enough prize money to travel to the capital Bazen where King Lucaria resides… Luca, her childhood friend who left in order to ascend the “Scarlet chair” as the last rightful heir of the royal line. However when she finally arrives there and gets a glimpse of the King she’s shocked to find a stranger in his place! What’s going on? But more importantly what happened to the real Luca? Join Setsu in her quest to uncover the truth and find that precious childhood friend…

I really like this manga and in vol 3 ch 9 I really start to cry it was soo sad T_T

Anti-Gravity Boy

Alternative Name  Zero gravity; Mujuuryoku Shounen

Years of Released  2002

Status  Completed

Author(s)  Azuki Ryou

Artist(s)  Azuki Ryou

Genre(s)  Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural


Fuuko is a normal high school student who went after a boy whom she thought had something “special” about him. Turns out that the guy had a “super” power that lets him control how gravity affects him. However…it seems that it can also affect other people!

This is a really cute manga. I like the story and it can be funny.