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2 years today and the end of Heart no Kuni no Alice

April 20, 2011

Today is this blog 2 YEARS >.< !!!!!!!!!! yeah !!! HAPPY BDAY MaNgA, mAgIcAl AnD aNiMe !!!!!! im so happy that there are ppl who is reading this blog and i’m REALLY happy over the comments i get  ^^THANKS/DOMO ARIGATO ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !! aaaaaaaaaaahhhh…….it’s feels really good that I have not give up in this blog….. to be honest I thought about doing it sometimes cuz the school…. But nooooooo >.< !!!!! now I’m sure of it I WONT DO IT !!! hahahahaaa….. I hope that you my dear readers like what you see in this blog and that you are able to remember or find new fun manga/anime ^^.

i want Neuro to win XD i love his voice ….. yeah that’s the reason ^^.

Then it comes to the last ch of Heart no Kuni no Alice I have to say… WHAT JUST HAPPEN ^^’’’’!?!?!…….. I don’t really get the end to 100% ^^’’…. Hmmmm so I think I will read it again xD yeaaah !!!! hahaha…. But but but but but but i want her to be with ************ not ************** ……….but i still  think the end is good…. Do you ^^?

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Heart no Kuni no Alice 35: Wonderful Wonder World


Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.021-024

February 13, 2010

Naaa poor boris is he going to survive? and who had hurt him? and why is ace so strange ? and what is alice going to do then ace tells her that he will kill her? And is she going to the dance ball? and why is white angry?   It happens so much in these chapters so click on the link and star to read

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.021: Knight

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.022: Coming Uneasiness

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.023: Desire

Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.024: Letter of Invitation


Heart no kuni no Alice

January 31, 2010

Aaaa I wish that this manga/game was a anime to TT^TT or is it already a anime ???? when I look after it on Google I found

“Unfortunately, this anime has been indefinitely delayed as of November 2008, so there is no word yet on its release.”

and “The company had been accepting anime pre-orders at stores and events for a November release.”

but then i tries to find any trailer for the anime i don’t find anything

sooo is there a anime or not? ^^’  anyone that know?


Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.019-Ch.020

January 30, 2010

Aaaa Julius was sooo kawaiii in Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.019: Whereabouts ^_^ when he saw Alice cry he gave her a hug -^_^- but it was his fault that she cried ..

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.019: Whereabouts

Whaaaat Ace said that he will kill Alice !!!!! =_=!!!!!!!!!and Boris he points a gun at Ace Oo0!!!!! and Nightmare cough up blood 0o0 !!!!In Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.020: Twilight !!!

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.04 Ch.020: Twilight

i’m not going to say anymore so click on the likns and READ 😉



December 9, 2009

This is another wonderful manga by Quinrose and Futaba Hazuki. I really love this one too ^_^live the pictures the story and the characters

Thnx  sylphalchemist for reminding me about this one ^_^


Sheila is a housemaid and exclusively serves Edvard, a prince. She also works as his security guard because of her past assassin training before. She is all-purpose at work, but awkward when she is off. Although Sheila is competent at battles and operations, but she isn’t good at love and establishing friendships. She, however, needs to use the various people around her to have Edvard take over the throne…

Alternative Name クリムゾン・エンパイア – Circumstances to serve a noble, Crimson Empire – Circumstances to serve a noble

Years of Released 2008

Status Ongoing No Set Release Date

Author(s) Quinrose

Artist(s) Futaba Hazuki

Genre(s) Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Josei, Romance

click on the link to read

Crimson Empire Vol.01 Ch.001



November 29, 2009

I really like this  version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland not only because of the handsome boys no hehe i like this new Alice and the story’s twis. i REALLY WANTS TO PLAY THE GAME !

Alternative Name ハートの国のアリス-Wonderful Wonder World, 心之國的愛麗絲, Alice in Heartland, Heart no Kuni no Alice – Wonderful Wonder World, Alice in the Country of Hearts,

Years of Released 2008

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Quinrose

Artist(s) Hoshino Soumei

Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo


he girly but bloody otome game re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with bishounen characters and added romance.

A parody of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where Alice is smart and non-doormatlike.

In this story, Alice is not all what she seems. She is practical, strong, yet a darkly cynical. Instead of the tradition story, Alice is kidnapped unwillingly by a mysterious (yet somewhat bishie-looking) man with bunny ears into a place call Heartland. Stuck in Heartland due to a trick by the mysterious bunny eared man, she meets the residents of this world. Along the way, Alice meets Blood, handsome mafia leader; Ace, the psycho yet charming knight and more…What should Alice do in such a world!?

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Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol.01 Ch.001: Welcome to Wonderland