April 20, 2012

a manga with short stories and Q_Q they all are so so so …. so beautiful in their own way Q_Q…. i smile and i cry and i i Q_Q overreacts i know but still omg some moments really made me cry like it happen for real and to me or to someone i know

 this one is so cute in the beginning then turn’s super sad Q_Q and and the end god the end !!!!! i don’t know what to do with it !?!?!? i have so many ways to look on it and one of them is pretty sad … i don’t know y but i can’t help to wonder if he took his life or something.

and this one was also super sweet Q_Q  and sad and and ……. and … i don’t know what to say but really must suck to not be allowed to love the one u want openly but hide

i think this one made me cry the most Q_Q talk about sibling love the beautiful way ( not siblings love as fighting over candy)  …… THE END GOD DANG Q_Q  THE END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

think this one was super sweet but i think i reacted less to this one … did not cry anything and only felt a bit sorry for her …….. seen this so many times in other manga(s) 

this one …. i sure felt sorry for her Q_Q they said so mean things. and when she finally finds a man it turns out she looks like his wife who died some times ago Q_Q but but …. aawww the end 

Alternative Name サクラひらひら

 Years of Released 2004

 Status Complete

Author(s) Yura Riho


Genre(s) Drama, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life, Tragedy

Type Manga 


only first story 

A One shot. As children, Kaoru and Kentarou witnessed the beautiful miracle of the blooming sakura tree. Their bond is deep, but Kentarou has been traumatized by his unhappy home life. Can Kaoru, and the memories she and Kentarou share, help him endure?


Sakura Hira Hira 0