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August 10, 2013


Q_Q oh my when they say tragedy the really mean it TT^TT i was and am crying so much !!! oooh that story that story Q_Q so BITTER sweet !! and that ending ! and everything that had happen to them !! feels sick to know that it happens irl. aaaah my eyes are all swollen now cuz i have cried so much Q_Q and the artwork is beautiful and bring out feeling and moods ….. Q_Q i can feel the pain and sorrow and the feeling of giving up and not caring anymore so empty ! but there is also  warm feelings and hope ….. Q_Q i going to re-read it for the 4th time  … or perhaps not i need something to make me happy again Q_Q….. OMG THERE IS A FILM !!!  …. i have to see it … but not today !!! i have cried enough for today Q_Q 

Alternative Name :  私たちの幸せな時間, 우리들의 행복한 시간, Maundy Thursday (film name), Our Happy Hours, Watashi-tachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Years of Released 2007

Status Completed  

Author(s) Gong Ji-youngSahara Mizu

Artist(s) Sahara Mizu

Genre(s) DramaRomanceSeinenSlice Of LifeTragedy  Josei


“I have something I don’t want to lose— So much so that these terrible feelings have grown.”

A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother’s antagonism–a brother’s death… Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused by the large, deep scars they carry. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. “I want to live”… An adaptation of a novel by South Korea’s most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young

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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan 1 No. 3987

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September 13, 2012

*O* this manga have me a how to say it Hayao Miyazaki feeling … calm and warm and bright. the art is so natural and beautiful and the story is touching and really interesting. it was a really good manga that made u think and well it made me want to sing out loud. a refreshing story and art . so hard to describe it it was just great. and radiate with feelings and thoughts. I really recommends this manga ! ❤ 

Alternative Name 千夏のうた,Chinatsu’s Song, Chinatsu’s Voice

Years of Released 2004

Status Completed

Author(s)Kitagawa Shou

Artist(s) Kitagawa Shou

Genre(s) Drama, Psychological, Seinen, Slice Of Life



The series takes place at a certain Japanese location, where a girl moves in with her aunt to a new house after experiencing some more or less shocking events back home. There she meets a boy named Fuyuki, who she from then on spends a lot of time with. The thing special about Chinatsu is her voice, a voice which many seem to have heard before, but from where? What’s so special about this girl, and what’ll happen in the future?


Chinatsu no Uta 1



IBITSU( dont like horror ? DONT READ THIS MANGA)

August 16, 2012

are u a guy and dreaming of a  little sister with a cute lolita dress ? … well after this u might thanks u lucky star that u dont have one….. i’m so happy i dont have a big brother now … and i did rush to my little brother after reading this screaming  ” NEVER TALK TO STRANGE GIRLS ASKING IF U HAVE OR WANT A LITTLE SISTER JUST FREAKING RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN ” ….. this was so dang scary Q_Q so scary !! but good MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA love the end … and hate it … Q_Q she is out there somewhere !!!!!!! @_@ it’s a never ending evul spiral like uzumaki !!!!!! omg y did i read this i will never ever be able to go to any anime manga convent with ppl in lolita dresses …. but have to say this is a great manga for ppl who love horror and ppl who want something scary to read in halloween time :3 

Alternative Name イビツ, 砸扁你

 Years of Released 2009

 Status Complete 

Author(s)Ryou Haruto

Artist(s) Ryou Haruto

Genre(s) Horror, Seinen, Tragedy

summary :

A boy went to take his trash out late one night, and found a strange, creepy, lolita woman sitting amongst the garbage bags. She asked if he had a little sister, and he answered her, hurrying afterwards back to his apartment. When he looked out the window, she was gone. Who is the strange woman, and why does she give him such a bad feeling?

click to read IF U DARE ! but i warn u this is scary !

Ibitsu 1 The Girl at the Trash Dump


Shinya Shokudou

August 13, 2012

have to say this manga sure is … unique and i love it the calm and warm feeling i can almost feel the thoughts and the words as if i was in there.  the only down side in this manga is that it can make u hungry. but the stories sure are good and have a msg in it and is told with skill in both word and pictures. every story is wonderful in it’s own way i think i have read this manga 3-4 times already , there is a jdrama about this manga i should try to find and watch it :3 

Alternative Name 深夜食堂, Shinya Shokudō, Shinya Shokudo

 Years of Released 2007

 Status Ongoing

Author(s)Abe Yarou

Artist(s) Abe Yarou

Genre(s)Slice Of Life,Seinen, Drama

summary :

-from Baka-Updates:

A manga that revolves around an old-fashioned all-night food stall, the various dishes that the stall owner prepares to suit the tastes of different customers, and the joys, griefs, trials and tribulations of his faithful patrons.

Nominated for the 2nd Manga Taisho Award (2009).

Won the 39th Japan Cartoonist Awards Grand Prize (2010).

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Shinya Shokudou 1

i suddenly want to eat tomato *O* 
The Delicious Tomato Song / Romano (South Italy)

“Hey, Spain! This year we harvested a hell of a lot of tomatoes again, jackass!”

Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!
Red on the bottom and green on the top, tomato-mato-mato! Hmph!

There are tomatoes in my pasta!
And tomatoes in my pizza!
My charming red tesoro, how I love tomatoes!

Wurst and potatoes are heretical things!
My brother eats them and just gets more and more macho!
What is a Napolitan doing with Japanese cooking, you traitor!!


(“Don’t leave me alone with that sonava bitch…”)

I’ll give you another one! I’ll give you a beautiful one!
Eat a delicious tomato and come dance with me! (Amore!)

Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!
Ci vediamo! Ah, Romano!
I’m South Italy!

“Aaah…. I’m starving! But this isn’t close to over, hell…”

Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!
Red on the top and green on the bottom, tomato-mato-mato! Hmph!

Brought some back from Spain
And brought some from America too
My country’s national tesoro, how I love tomatoes!

This isn’t just for reciting words of love
The wine glass in his hand is always twinkling and twinkling
And when I was an adorable kid back-when I was ignored, that dick!

“AAAAAAAAAH! God DAMN IT! He’s always targetting me!!”

(“Spain, you bastard, come rescue me already…!”)

Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!
The Mediterranean Sea too! O sole mio!
I’m South Italy!

I may not be useful with chores
And brother may be better with art and trade
And sometimes I’m as dumb as a bird…

But I…!

But I…!!


Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!

(Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!)

Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, OOH! TOMATO!

(Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!)

Uno! Due! Tre! Dai!

I’ll give you another one! I’ll give you a beautiful one!
Eat a delicious tomato and come dance with me! (Amore!)

Buono tomato, buono! Tomato
buono buono, ooh! Tomato!
Ci vediamo! Ah, Romano!
I’m South Italy!




December 14, 2011
SORRY SORRY !! For being so inactive >,< but school is really a time killer TT^TT and i have not been able to read any good manga or watch anime so i hade nothing to write about 
…. Ok i don’t know why this was my first manga after a long time with only face  (the) book and study  but i LOVE IT TT^TT even thougt the end is a bit too open for me … I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE END !! but the beginin truly are BANG in the face I was like WHUUUUT !!!!!! NOOOO WHY !!??!!??!!??!!?!? 
but this is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!! and DARK … perhaps a bit more dark than cute …. The title really fits the manga 0.0,


It’s a lovely mix with horror and romance and it have it’s funny moments too, the way the boy and girl slowly are moving closer to each other are just so cute and a bit funny  XD
 the art is good to and i have to say that it’s something about the girl  that make me want to look at her more … perhaps it’s here eyes 0.0….. and hahaha they guy are really cool too XD (Y) but yeat again this is NOT a manga for ppl that dont like blood and guts.
I really had WHAAT BUT HOW !! Moment then i saw a person that i thought was alive was dead and the person alive was not the person i thought he was o.o but but tat made the story even more interesting XD and the story is a bit jumpy from past to present 



Alternative Name シュガーダーク 埋められた闇と少女, Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shoujo, Sugar Dark 被埋葬的黑暗, Sugar Dark: The Buried Darkness and the Girl, Sugar Dark: The Girl Buried in Darkness, Sugar Dark: The Girl Filled with Darkness,Sugar Dark: Umerareta Yami to Shōjo

 Years of Released  2010

 Status Completed

Author(s) Arai Enji         

Artist(s) Ooiwa Kenji

Genre(s)  Fantasy, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural


Dark fantasy story follows a boy named Muoru who has been falsely arrested and sent to a cemetery to perform forced labor. There, he calls himself the “grave keeper” and meets a beautiful girl named Meria. Muoru becomes fascinated with Meria as he spends his days digging a hole containing the undead monster named “The Dark.”

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Sugar Dark 1 The Mole and the Girl



A Fairytale for the Demon Lord 18-19

October 21, 2011

OMG ch 18-19 is so sad TT^TT the Princess TT^TT and the knight TT^TT why !!!!!!?!?!?!?

Why why why why why why !!!! …. ( because  it will make the story more intressting I know that ) T^T aaaaww I just love the art and the story … even thought I don’t always get what’s going on I still love it TT^TT soo cool yet beautiful TT^TT aaaw…. I think I fell in love with the knight XD ….. and the demon lord…. And odin ( the evil guy … just cuz he has long hair >3< ) …..

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A Fairytale for the Demon Lord 18

A Fairytale for the Demon Lord 19

  first time seeing this manhwa ? click


…… WHY DID SHE FORGOT HIM !!!!!!!!!! OMG WHY T^T THAT’S SO SAD !!!! I’m sure that they have done something to her !! and even thought odin said that his feeling for her and her feeligs for him are fake I don’t think so T^T I think they really are in love with each other and that’s why she keeps on feeling like she forgot something important 



August 14, 2011

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo don’t die demon lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT^TT aaaaaaah why why?!!?!?!? He was really cool !!!!! long dark hair , fangs, pale skin , red eyes >.< aaaaaaah ( i thought he was a bishounen !!) ….. he kind of made me think of sesshomaru …. Or naraku ….. hmmmm. But but but to the point , THE ART IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s soo woooow….. woooooooooow….. the story is a bit… huh 0.o what ???… but it’s still great but sad TT^TT. I’m SOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE !!!!.

Alternative Name              마왕을위한 동화, Picture Book for the Demon Lord

 Years of Released              2010

 Status              Ongoing,

Author(s)              Kim Yong-hwan

Artist(s)                 Kim Yong-hwan

Genre(s)              Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen, Webtoons

Type              Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)



From A Duck’s Paradise:
There once was a princess who fell for a curse. Countless times have a knight come in vain attempts to save the poor princess. They all failed, killed by a demon. When a knight finally comes to defeat the demon, there appears an adventure never before predicted…



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A Fairytale for the Demon Lord 0