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Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 22

March 2, 2010

Looooooove this ep kyaaaa but kagome poor her!!!! Or noot hehe she got some time with sesshomaru XD hehe but inuyasha naaaaa he is soo kawaii when he is protecting kagome! Hehe after he made her fall and get wounded by he’s own claws^_^naaaaa and naraku is trying to make inuyasha forget about her and turn him into a full demon Heheh i have to say that this is on of the most interesting of all the inuyahsa eps. ^_^ and inuyasha and kagomes bond is really strong hehehehe

And sesshomaru is so sweet when he is searching for rin. But hehe I could not resist to smile when I saw him and kagome fly together ^^’

and…. but ……and …..kyaaa….nooo!!!

Hehe watch watch watch this ep or u will regret it !

Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 22


Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 21

February 23, 2010

This ep is a blend with new things and flash backs ^_^you can feel how everything is going to explode in a final battle soon yes soon really soon ^_^kyaaaa i cant wait to see the end animated ( I know how it will end have read the manga)!!! naaaa poor shippo they left him and poor rin she is with naraku 0o0

but I just have to say that I just love narakus voice ^_^

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Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 21

and inuyash

answered……. watch the ep!

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Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 20

February 16, 2010

This ep is soo sad so i’m not going to put up some pictures TT^TT poor sango TT^TT naraku tried them and now kohaku is dead. aaa and he was fighting so hard to stay alive TT^TT  and now it the shinkon no tama black and kikyos light had died what are they going to do !!!!! but something good happened to ^_^

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Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 20


Inuyasha: The Final Act ep 18

February 2, 2010

Aaa inuyasha kawaiiiii!!!!! Naaa he is so cute -^_^- aaaa poor kagome what a life ^^’ hehehe i know how she is feeling not a long time ago did i lost a important school paper aaaaaaaa i just went nuts if i had not found it my future would be in ruins ^^’ aaaa kagome gambatte ! watashi gambatte!


Hmm I wonder why kagome could not purified the shard ???

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Inuyasha: The Final Act Episode 18


Inuyasha Final Act

October 7, 2009

Inuyasha the final act ep one is here now!!!!!! And I just love the ep I was like woooooow kyaaaaa naaaaaa eeeeeee mmmmmmm aaaaaa. I can’t wait for ep 2!!!! He he and I assume that I don’t need to explain so much about inuyasha but here is some info

Plot Summary: Kagome is your average schoolgirl living in present day Tokyo. She was brought though an ancient well by a demon to the past. There she finds out that she is the reincarnation of a deceased priestess who guarded the powerful Shikon jewel, which has the power to fufill any ambition of man or demon. The jewel was reborn into her body. After saving the jewel from one of the many demons after the jewel, it shattered, and the Shikon shards were scattered across Japan. Now, Kagome must team up with the half-demon Inu-Yasha, who stole the jewel 50 years ago to be stopped by Kagome’s previous form, to retrieve the shards before they fall into the wrong hands.

Genre :Adventure,Sengoku era sword , sorcery, fantasy,romance,action,comedy,shuojo

Plot Summary for inuyasha final act: This TV Anime will depict the 36 – 56 (end) Inuyasha mangas. The story continues from the last moment saw on Inuyasha’s original anime. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippou are now in the definitive quest to beat Naraku and the evil he has created and absorved, they don’t lose hope since their future depends on it, but the path isn’t easy nor short so they will go trough life threatening situations and must put their friendship and love on the line with wisdom to know who their friends and foes are to succeed.

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aaaaaaaan click on the link to watch ep 1