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the old DBSK

October 21, 2011

I have to says that the day then DBSK split my heart hurt. I miss the old DBSK … but it’s good that JYJ is able to start something new. Ooh well back to old times XD

I found this kpop bad then I was looking for a Chinese band. ( my friend asked me if I knew any good Cpop bad ) and then I saw a pic on DBSK and looked them up on youtube. The first song was HUG ( Korean) one look at HERO (kim jj) and I was stuck XD. After that I was a DBSK fan. I even let someone wrote “TVXQ SUPPORTER” on my ipod ( the first ver) and I printed out pics on them and put them up in my room …. Aaaah I wish that I would have been able to see them live ……… it’s just JYJ and TQ … T^T sayonara DBSK


i’m re-watching this instead of studying XD


u just GTL (  for me it stands for GOT TO LOVE) this song XD


hahaha JJ is so cute XD


Love this mv and song ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m so happy that they got to create it… hahaha and I learn Korean from them “nando saranghae “ XD …… really DBSK’s old songs and JYJ and some SJUJ song are the only I even try to sing along with then it’s Korean lyric XD … ok SHINee’s LUCIFER too (I always fail big time XD V)

their eng sound so cute XD

❤ ❤ the beginning XD

makes me think of “hey” don’t bring me down …. return of the king? and not kings ? ( BUT it’s a cool song BD  )

…. cool dance … but really why atotune ???



and yeah i’m  JYJ FAN GIRL

sorry all you HoMin fans  if this post offends you   m(_ _)m


youtube MUSIC

September 16, 2011

Sorry that i have not been so active here (i wont be able to write anything new about manga just now sorry ) school is all over me and i have still a though time to find any manga that really speaks to me and makes me want to write about it ^^’’’’ so if I’m reading I’m just re-reading old manga.

But ½ PRINCE has been updated so look it up 😉

Oh well just now I only wanted to show you some vids (they are on my twitter to I know XD) but they are so cool so … I have to write about them too 

i’m listening to piano and violin just now ^^. it helps me study XD hahaha so no facebook for me (yeah as if) but really i should face-book and study >,<  (hahaha old one i know XD )


ok ok ok this song is just ….. how high was the person who wrote it ?? and what kind of ninja fast superman strong fingers do you need to play this XD

hihihi i like eddie’s  hair flying in da wind XD


Tonari no Atashi

April 19, 2011

OMG WHYYYYYYYYY GIVE ME MOOOOORRRRRRREEE !!! OMG OMG OMG SO GOOOD KYAAAAAA THE LAST CHAPTER (12: A Prince and a Classmate) IS JUST KYAAAAAA KYAAAA KYAAAA IN YOUR FACE !!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG * hyperventilate* I LOVE IIIIIIIIIIIT IT’S SO SWEEEET ….. BUT THE BOY IS TOOOOOO ………. NAÏVE !!!!!!! I MEAN what the h *** she is ONLY playing WITH you >.<  I WANT TO HIT ASOU SO HARD THAT I GET A HOMERUN !!!!!!!!!!!! (I mean it In a bad way. Hit her so far that I can get a homerun)  PLAYER THING !!!! get help and STOP USING POOR BOYS LIKE DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON COME ON LET ME HIT HEEEEEEER !!!XD NINAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa GANBARE !!!! GIVE IT YOUR ALL XD NEVER GIVE UUUUP! Kyou’s little brother is sooo cute and coooooooooool * POKE POKE * I want to HUG him !!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I cant WAIT FOR MORE !!!!!!  

*cough cought *

in short the story was great with a good love triangle. The art is good so I really enjoy to read this manga.  There are really some pages there you are just crying T^T. and some there u are just smiling ^^. It’s a warm, sweet …. Bitter-sweet love story.  

Alternative Name     隣のあたし, My Neighbour,Kapitbahay ko

Years of Released     2008

Status     Ongoing, Tonari no Atashi 13 is coming next…

Author(s)     Nanba Atsuko

Artist(s)     Nanba Atsuko

Genre(s)     Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Type     Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)


Nina’s neighbor, Kyousuke, is starting high school while she’s still stuck in junior high. Just walking to their nearby schools together isn’t enough for her–especially since they keep running into Yuiko: a beautiful, outgoing girl in Kyousuke’s grade who also seems to harbor feelings for Nina’s next-door neighbor.

click to read

Tonari no Atashi 1

i'm sure that u did not see that coming huuuuuh

im sure that u did not see that coming huuuuuh



happy valentine’s day !!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

February 14, 2011

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY MY DEAR READERS AND MANGA/ANIME FANS !!! I hope u have/has/had a great day ^^.  Even if u have not found the one/the right /the only don’t feel sad ^^. u are not alone and hey love is something beautiful try to feel happy for the lucky couples on the world . smile smile cuz perhaps  u are next on amor’s list  ^_^.


Sorry for not so many updates in this blog ^^’ the school is trying to kill me… but if u have time u can always check out my twitter ^^ (

just cuz i love gackt-sama


メリークリスマス !/merry christmas! AND 1/2 Prince Vol.09 Ch.048: Divine Beast, An Rui

December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!! Thanks for reading my blog !!!!!!!!!! i hope u get a REALLY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Christmas Eve with a lot of candy, gifts, friends/family !!!!  i hope u all get a Christmas Eve with a lot of  warm feelings and peace and fun ^^. And again thanks m(_ _)m for reading my blog !!!!! I truly appreciates it and to know that there is people reading it makes me really happy ^^- .

so ….. HUG !!!!!! (>^-^)> !!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS!!

and btw read the new ch of 1/2 PRINCE !!!!!!

1/2 Prince Vol.09 Ch.048: Divine Beast, An Rui





July 8, 2010

I just love this manga is so beautifu T^T and and saaaaaad T^T

Its about a long-LOOOOONG-distance relationship. T^T

She is in space risking her life, he’s on earth waiting………. Dead, cold dark separates them only a cellphone is connecting them. feelings and memories sad and happy. A faint hope of a future together fear for forever be separated. Years passes one of them grows up the other reminds the same trapped in time. will the memories and the feelings stay or will the fade away with the years  are there a happy ending………..

Oo I almost forgot I think that the girl looks like sakura from tsubasa chronicle.

Alternative Name ほしのこえ, 星之聲, Voices of a Distant Star

Years of Released 2005

Status Completed

Author(s) Shinkai Makoto

Artist(s) Sahara Mizu

Genre(s) Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen

Reading Direction Read from right to left.


From Tokyopop:
To what distance would you go for your one true love? In the midst of an alien invasion, Mikako joins the resistance, leaving behind the one young man she loves. As she goes deeper into space, Mikako’s only connection with her boyfriend is through cell-phone text messages. The war rages on and years pass, but Mikako barely ages in the timelessness of space while Noboru grows old. How can the love of two people, torn apart by war, survive?

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Hoshi no Koe Vol.01 Ch.001

Two thousand and ten
Two thousand and ten
(Yeah. yeah) Guess who’s back
You already know what it is
If you ain’t know, now you know (uh huh)
Here we go once again
You know how we do it
Baby you~
Lemme show you something
Let’s go

Round halo
Round oh!
Round and round (eh eh)
Round girl
Round a-ha
Round and round (Doooo~)
Round crazy
Round why
Round and round boy
Round love
Round girl

Every day I love you
Every night I run
I’m sorry, please come back to my side
Every day I bounce bounce
Every night I bang bang
I am gonna be famous
From now on be tough ladies
Pure love, f(x)

Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Damn it oh oh oh
No one no one no one one
Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Say yeah ah ah ah
bang bang bang bang bang bang

Ha ha ha, rock tonight
La la la, magic
La la la, be ok
La la la, what should I do sister?

Round ah
Round shh!
Round and round love
Round push
Round boy
Round and round hurt
Round round like
Round and round i’m back
Round after
Round chitty chitty
Round (ah)

Somebody bump bump bump
Somebody love love love
Why make this to me, make me cry?
Every day I bounce bounce
Every night I bang bang
I wanna be on magazine
Everything in my way in ma scene
Baby you turn it up

Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Damn it oh oh oh
No one no one no one one
Baby you, baby I might take you higher
Mellow ah ah ah
bang bang bang bang bang bang

Bang bang bang mystery
Boom boom boom mazik
Ah ah ah let’s secret secret time (let’s go)

Fine, breaking up is better
This was going to happen between us anyway
You were going to do this anyway
Why do I still feel this way
When I know there’s nothing left to say
Because of it I lose you, girl in the mirror

Bringing it to you daily, it’s only from the best
After School, Play Girlz know how to get fresh
So cool, so right, just so tasty
We bring it fast forward, the fellas go crazy

There’s only two of us under the colorful lights
A new story, Lollipop 2
My style is more thrilling than sweet
I got you

Every day I love you
Every night I run
I’m sorry, please come back to my side
Every day I bounce bounce
Every night I bang bang
Round and round
Hope you’ll step to me, step to me
Round and round

Round halo
Round oh!
Round and round girl
Round after
Round f(x)
Round and round boy
Round love
Round girl
Round magic
(One) not without you, yeah
We’re out!



June 29, 2010

This manga reminds me of Legend by Soo Jung Woo and Kara. I don’t have much to say about this manga. It kind of just slid off the mind when you have read it. it doesn’t leave a big impression. You get kind of annoyed with the phoenix and thinks that the cat is much better then the blue dragon but that is it. but there is something that makes it worth to read but I just cant put the finger on what it is.


Hang-Ah is a girl who has the power to foresee the future in her dreams. One day she had a strange dream of the future and soon after that is she forced to go on a journey with her black cat Nabi in order to break the seal of the four gods and that is easier said then done when danger is every there

Alternative Name 항아, 籬(리),    항아, 리,     Dream Fantasia,    Hang-Ah, Li

Years of Released 2007

Status Ongoing

Author(s) Ok Sae Rom

Artist(s) Ok Sae Rom

Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

Reading Direction Read from left to right.

click to read

Hangah, Lee Vol.01 Ch.000: Prologue

thnx sininen-oneesama for tip