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3 in the morning @_@

June 30, 2013

it’s 3 in the morning here but i just had to stay up and finish watching the anime The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye !! it’s just that amazing XD heeeee…. and something is wrong with me but i can stop picturing blue breaker as a bishounen *P* i think it’s his voice hehehehehe and bogie  is just so sweet and cute in his own way XD  and who can resist Jōganki voice X’D kyaaaaaaa!! ❤ ❤ ❤ is all i can say about that.


Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

October 13, 2009


I just love this anime is one of the few shounen anime that i like^_^ i read this as manga first but i was always hoping for it to be a anime and i don’t know why but i diden’t seach for it as anime so i got really supriset hen i discover that it was an anime to. I stoppt reading it as manga and started to watch it as anime. And i just love it  Neuro Nōgami seiyu ( voice actor japanese) Takehito Koyasu is one for my favorite he has also voiced Hotohori from Fushigi Yūgi and Dias Flac Star Ocean EX and  Luke Valentine from Hellsing , and one of my favorite anime charakters Sakujun Sa from the wonderful anime Saiunkoku Monogatari. This is only a few of the charakters that he has voiced.


The father of high school student, Katsuragi Yako, has been murdered. A cruel murder. The incident filled with mysteries drives Yako’s daily life into confusion… As the investigation progresses slowly, a man named Nougami Neuro appears before Yako saying that he wants to eat the ultimate “riddle”…!!

The Demon Neuro has a raging hunger for ‘mysteries.’ Being dissatisfied with his current regime in hell, he’s come into the mortal realm in order to satiate his ever-growing appetite. The murder case of a young girl’s father seems to be sufficiently enticing for the Demon’s needs… But what else might happen between these two? Find out in this disturbingly good murder-mystery series.


Alternative Name 魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ, Demonic Detective Neuro Nougami,Demonic Detective Nougami Neuro, Nougami Neuro, Private Evil-Eye Nougami Neuro

Years of Released 2005

Status Completed

Author(s) Matsuei Yuusei

Artist(s) Matsuei Yuusei

Genre(s) Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural,Occult Detective,Occult,Detective

TV anime Director Hiroshi Koujina

Studio Madhouse

Licensor VAP

Network NTV

Original run October 2, 2007 – March 25, 2008

Episodes 25

Opening AND Ending Theme:

“DIRTY” by Nightmare-op
“Kodoku no Hikari” by Kagami Seira-end



Neuro Nōgami

Neuro Nōgami (脳噛 ネウロ, Nōgami Neuro) is a horned bird demon detective from hell who feeds off mysteries/puzzles from objects or people. When he dismantles the mystery it releases energy for him to feed on. He left hell to find a mystery to satisfy his hunger.Once in the human world, he takes on a human form and forces Yako to be his assistant to hide his identity. In public, Yako is seen as the detective while Neuro is the assistant. He treats Yako as a slave and abuses her when he’s in a bad mood; though he does keep her from being harmed in dangerous situations and respects her potential in understanding humans. As a person, he is highly intelligent with a sadistic and arrogant manner who only views humans as food. Neuro mentions throughout the series his desire to consume the “Ultimate Mystery”, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. As a demon, he is incredibly powerful and practically invincible to any attacks.

His Seiyū is Takehito Koyasu.

Yako Katsuragi

Yako Katsuragi (桂木 弥子 ,Katsuragi Yako) is a 16-year-old high school girl. She meets Neuro when he appears and desecrates her father’s shrine while promising to help solve the mystery of her father’s death. This meeting quickly leads to a partnership: Yako becomes Neuro’s cover, pretending to be an investigator while Neuro acts as her assistant. She has a strong understanding of human psychology able to briefly understand Neuro and X intentions and goals. Despite all she goes through, she is able to quickly adapt to a situation and remain calm. While as Neuro’s assistant, she begins to develop her skills in detective work. She seems to have an eating disorder since she has a constant voracious appetite, thus earning the moniker of “piggish detective”.

Her Seiyū is Kana Ueda

Godai Shinobu

Shinobu Godai (吾代 忍 ,Godai Shinobu) worked for a small finance house with criminal connections. He was forced to work for Neuro after Neuro won the bet for the office by solving their boss’s death. In the manga however, he was left to be until Neuro found a use for him, in which the demon then forcibly drags the yakuza like man back to the office. He is the jack of all trades for the detective’s office and is sometimes referred to as “Neuro’s second slave”. Godai is quick-tempered and yells a lot, but has also been shown to be methodical, responsible, and trustworthy.

His Seiyū is Hiroyuki Yoshino


click on the link to watch

episode 1

or this to read the manga

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Ch.001: Hand

or this to read more factōgami_Neuro


The Third

September 13, 2009


I just love this anime. It makes me think about different stuff. The anime is not like the manga. (But it doesn’t make the anime bad) this is a manga that I have watch over 5 times and every time I just cant stop watching. I think this anime have a meaning but it changes from person to person I think.


The series is set many years after a devastating war, which killed 80% of the Earth’s population. Earth is being watched by a group of beings known as The Third, named after the red eye on their forehead (Space Eye) that can access many types of computer systems. It follows the adventures of Honoka and Bogie.

Honoka is a jack-of-all-trades who travels throughout the barren earth with the help of a sand tank operated by Bogie, an AI. She does various jobs like ridding areas of oversized spiders in order to make a living. One night while traveling through the desert, she comes upon a strange man named Iks. She saves Iks from a group of stigma ants in the vicinity. After saving his life, Iks requests to follow Honoka in her journeys so he can observe the world. During travel or at night, she recites poems by a writer named “Dona Myfree”


Alternative title:

The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo, ザ・サード ~蒼い瞳の少女~, The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, Za Sādo – Aoi Hitomi no.

Genre Action, Comedy-drama, Science fiction, Adventure

Opening Theme:

“Sajou no Yume” by Yuko Sasaki

Ending Theme:

#1: “ING” by Chou Hikou Shounen (eps 1-12)

#2: “Late Show” by Chou Hikou Shounen (eps 13-)

Voice cast  (main )


  • Honoka (火乃香 Honoka)
  • Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi


  • Iks (イクス Ikusu)
  • Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa



  • Bogie (ボギー Bogī)
  • Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka


  • Millie (ミリィ Mirī)
  • Voiced by: Yuki Sakata


  • Paifu (パイフウ Paifū)
  • Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi


  • ōganki (浄眼機 Jōganki)
  • Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu (i just love his voice he is one of my favorite voice actors i just love his voice some times i melts you)(han är min oneesan)


  • Blue Breaker (Okey he isn’t a main character but i just love him!)
  • Voiced by: Tomoyuki Shimura

click on the links to watch