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August 10, 2013


Q_Q oh my when they say tragedy the really mean it TT^TT i was and am crying so much !!! oooh that story that story Q_Q so BITTER sweet !! and that ending ! and everything that had happen to them !! feels sick to know that it happens irl. aaaah my eyes are all swollen now cuz i have cried so much Q_Q and the artwork is beautiful and bring out feeling and moods ….. Q_Q i can feel the pain and sorrow and the feeling of giving up and not caring anymore so empty ! but there is also  warm feelings and hope ….. Q_Q i going to re-read it for the 4th time  … or perhaps not i need something to make me happy again Q_Q….. OMG THERE IS A FILM !!!  …. i have to see it … but not today !!! i have cried enough for today Q_Q 

Alternative Name :  私たちの幸せな時間, 우리들의 행복한 시간, Maundy Thursday (film name), Our Happy Hours, Watashi-tachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Years of Released 2007

Status Completed  

Author(s) Gong Ji-youngSahara Mizu

Artist(s) Sahara Mizu

Genre(s) DramaRomanceSeinenSlice Of LifeTragedy  Josei


“I have something I don’t want to lose— So much so that these terrible feelings have grown.”

A pianist who attempted suicide 3 times, Juri, is taken to help her aunt at a prison where murderers who killed indiscriminately are sentenced to death. There, she meets a man named Yuu who took the lives of 3 people. A mother’s antagonism–a brother’s death… Together they embrace the violent rebellion in their hearts caused by the large, deep scars they carry. However, before long, they both embrace an earnest hope in their hearts. “I want to live”… An adaptation of a novel by South Korea’s most popular female novelist, Gong Ji-Young

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Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan 1 No. 3987

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August 2, 2013


short but so sweet !! it reminds me of another manga i forgot the name one >,<  KAO NO NAI OTOKO!


they are broth  super sweet and sad one shote stories and have great art Q_Q haaaa at the end of the both i feel both sad and happy QuQ  they are so gentle somehow ( not sure how to explain that ) and normally i wish for more but both of them are good as short stories not that they are boring or anything they just have a complete end that makes me feel that i dont need anymore cuz everything is how it should be and nothing  bad is going to happen. ok ok i need to go and hunt for more stories like these.


Years of Released 2013

Status Completed   

Author(s) Mashiba Nao

Artist(s) Mashiba Nao

Genre(s) ComedyFantasyRomanceShoujo

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Hoshikusu to Hanayome 0


Alternative Name :  顔の無い男; The Man Without a Face; The No Faced Man

Years of Released 2006

Status Completed   

Author(s) Yokobaba Ryo

Artist(s) Yokobaba Ryo

Genre(s) DramaFantasyHistoricalOne ShotRomanceShoujoTragedy

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Kao no Nai Otoko 0



June 28, 2013


i seem to have got a blooded tooth for tragedy and sad endings X’D oh well I’M BACK IN THE OTAKU ZONE !!!!  and this was another tear maker anime Q_Q  i kind of expected it all to end like the typical shoujo and that they get each other and live happy ever after but no X’D sob sob and the guy who was so cute tooooo!! and the girl was so adorable :3 WHYYY Q_Q 


Alternative Name Rec (MAKINO Aoi), REC – the day you cried , REC-君が泣いた日-, REC-你哭泣的那天

Years of Released 2012

Status Completed 

Author(s) Makino Aoi

Artist(s) Makino Aoi

Genre(s) DramaRomanceShoujoTragedy



From KakerA Translations:

Aizawa Minami is a girl who has never cried in her life. She’s awkward with her feelings, and she carries a camcorder to film everything she likes. Because of her quirks, she’s labeled as a freak and alienated by her classmates.

Satoru is her classmate and a recently retired teen actor who understands her. They quickly become friends, but what Minami doesn’t know is that Satoru is hiding his secret from the world…


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Rec – Kimi ga Naita Hi 1


oops sorry >,< here is BRIDE (AIVAN)

June 28, 2013

sorry for being gone so long … i had a empty anime/manga time …. nothing i found was anything i wanted to keep on reading or watch or write about >,< but i think i’m back to my otaku powah me again XD hehehehehe


this manga was beautiful both in art and in story with a very very bitter sweet end. Q_Q i started to cry at the end thats just love is just so beautiful…. i wonder if i ever … naaah XD  anyway this sure was a great kick start for me and manga it was short but sooo goooooooood!!!!!! like an ice-cream at a hot day :3 


Years of Released 2012

Status Completed 

Author(s) 드라마

Artist(s) Aivan

Genre(s) DramaRomanceShoujoTragedy


A beautiful tale about a 20 year old divorcee who can’t bare children and her second marriage to the 16 year old, fourth son of a prestigious family. The son who was ill since childhood became forsaken by his family. But in order to prevent his spirit from haunting the family after his death they forced him to marry Sou.



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Bride (Aivan) 0


Katsuyuki Konishi  is one of my gavo voice actors *P* love the way his voice sounds in Blood+ and as Fulle/Furet from the anime Scrapped princess  aaand Komui Lee in D.Gray Man XD  


A Beautiful YouTube

October 11, 2012

well today i come over some really beautiful videos on youtube and i felt i have to post them here cuz they where really touching and had a good message in them so here i go 

we start with the anime/manga video named Draw with me it’s really cute story that can also symbolize love over internet or long distance love. i have to say i relate  a lot to the girl and boy in this video then i also have ppl i can only talk with over the computer. the one who made this video is also a member in deviant art 

the second one is a very pretty video in … shadow puppet dont know what to call it. the sounds are really good and the story is touching. it’s about a man and a woman who falls in love he is from a town made of robots and gear she is from the nature they marry and move to his town but slowly the woman start to feel that something is wrong. true love is something u cant invent 

next one is a fun but sad video about how the animals got their colors … poor panda but he is still so cute

this one might look like it’s not finished but it’s very very pretty and a beautiful flow in their movements as they dance

up next is a film based on a Samoan legend, beautiful animated and a great music with a good voice that tells the story about a poor young couple who fled …

i’m sure there are more pretty videos out there in youtube i’m just to lazy to find them all and time is something u dont really have when u are in school 



September 14, 2012

manhahamemanheeee Q_Q omg so sad SO FREAKING SAD !!!!!!!! (the sad sounding music did not help to bright it up ) Q_Q i mean this is more happy than sad i mean KAMI-SAMA NANDE Q_Q !!! god y did the bishounen have to do that Q_Q and y is he so beautiful long hair and all and Q_Q sob sob WHY DID SHE FORGET CRULE STORY Q_Q. the art was so beautiful too !…. but the story was a bit confusing but still so so SO GOOD Q_Q it was like eva and adam but but so SAD Q_Q!!!!!!! poor kami-sama !!!!! but i guess i’m happy for them … but still Q_Q NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

have to say i had some problems with knowing if the main char was man or female but seems to be female :3 

Alternative Name  沙夢, Lonesome Eden, Ước mơ búp bê, Sand Dreams, Sha Meng

Years of Released 2007

Status Completed

Author(s)Nan Kong Yuu

Artist(s) Nan Kong Yuu

Genre(s) Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural, Tragedy


Two stories.

The main one spans five chapters. The protagonist is God’s beloved puppet who lives in a huge garden. Out of loneliness, the puppet seeks company. God grants that, but with certain conditions…

In the second story, an angel is kicked down (literally) to Earth to experience some hardship as said angel has a problem with granting people’s wishes and prayers.( did not read this one the first one was so saaaad Q_Q)


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Lonesome Eden 1




IBITSU( dont like horror ? DONT READ THIS MANGA)

August 16, 2012

are u a guy and dreaming of a  little sister with a cute lolita dress ? … well after this u might thanks u lucky star that u dont have one….. i’m so happy i dont have a big brother now … and i did rush to my little brother after reading this screaming  ” NEVER TALK TO STRANGE GIRLS ASKING IF U HAVE OR WANT A LITTLE SISTER JUST FREAKING RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN ” ….. this was so dang scary Q_Q so scary !! but good MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA love the end … and hate it … Q_Q she is out there somewhere !!!!!!! @_@ it’s a never ending evul spiral like uzumaki !!!!!! omg y did i read this i will never ever be able to go to any anime manga convent with ppl in lolita dresses …. but have to say this is a great manga for ppl who love horror and ppl who want something scary to read in halloween time :3 

Alternative Name イビツ, 砸扁你

 Years of Released 2009

 Status Complete 

Author(s)Ryou Haruto

Artist(s) Ryou Haruto

Genre(s) Horror, Seinen, Tragedy

summary :

A boy went to take his trash out late one night, and found a strange, creepy, lolita woman sitting amongst the garbage bags. She asked if he had a little sister, and he answered her, hurrying afterwards back to his apartment. When he looked out the window, she was gone. Who is the strange woman, and why does she give him such a bad feeling?

click to read IF U DARE ! but i warn u this is scary !

Ibitsu 1 The Girl at the Trash Dump