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wolf’s rain spoiler

March 8, 2010

Aaaaa i just love the anime wolf’s rain but i really can’t decide if i like the end.  I mean did kiba and cheza meet again ???? is he running towards the flower ? and why cant she be a human. but i really like this anime it’s sooo cute soo beautiful sooo sad sooo everything.  Aaaa but  I would like to see them together in the end to get really satisfied.

But then I think about it they are together in the end in the manga.  And everyone is alive. It’s different from the anime. Or is it just that I haven’t read all the vols? I have read 2 vols.  Haaaaaa every time I’m watching the anime I get a sad feeling in my chest every time it watch the last ep  aaaa I wonder why

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Wolf’s Rain Episode 1

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Wolf’s Rain Vol.01 Ch.001